Centauri II, called Yar, was initially a Venusian world that has since been terraformed by the UEE. Its proximity to the sun makes for an arid environment, and the planet is largely covered by the Red Desert, decidedly its identifying feature from orbit. Yar is dotted with research stations, commercial layover points and abandoned settlements, many of which are coated in the planet’s fine red sand (and a significant number of which are being reclaimed entirely by the Red Desert). Although it’s not quite a ghost planet, many visitors report being left with a sense of unease among its abandoned facilities.

Why is there development in the first place? Yar underwent an unexpected land grab roughly a century ago after valuable precious minerals were located in a mountain range. These claims petered out quickly, and Human civilization on the planet has been in a clear decline since. The world’s largest landing pad is Archibald Station, a scientific outpost that grew into a small town and then shrank back to an outpost as interest in the planet waned. Other landing zones on the planet continue to remain functional, although unmaintained. Enough infrastructure remains on the planet to support passing spacecraft, although the small population needs only essentials from traders.[1]


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