Xi’An/Human Terrorist Network Unveiled is a newspaper article by Raymond Castor published in Terra Gazette on November 4, 2638[1].


The UEE claims to have found a network of traitors and saboteurs who have infiltrated the government, accusing Assan Kieren of being one of the traitors.

Full ArticleEdit

The enemy is among us! Early this morning, Advocacy Agents announced the resolution of a massive inter-agency undercover operation into the shadowy world of traitors and saboteurs. Dozens of arrests have been made with more on the horizon. Unnamed sources from within the government claim that the Xi’An-funded terrorists had infiltrated various positions in government and Corp structures. While we are awaiting an official statement, we have confirmed through multiple sources that the former Governor of Terra, Assan Kieren, might be implicated.

The same governor, if you remember, who disappeared after the good Citizens ran him out of office after his desperate and paranoid attempts to bring disorder and anarchy to the systems.

–Raymond Castor, Terra Gazette, November 4, 2638[1]


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