Wingman's Hangar was a weekly video broadcast brought to the fans by President of Development Eric Peterson.

The show ran from December 21, 2012 to June 4, 2014.

The show included several features but not all were necessarly in each show; the most common features were:

  • The Week in Review
  • Wingmans' Weight (Eric's attempts at reducing his weight)
  • Fan Focus (Highlighting fan generated content)
  • Forum Feedback (Answering questions sent in by Citizens)
  • 10 From the Chairman (Chris Roberts answering Questions from Subscribers) from December 2013.
  • Most Valuable Post (The Best forum post) presented by Ben Lesnick
  • Wide World News (Current and historical space stories)
  • Hazy Thoughts
  • An Interview with a member of CIG or outsource staff focusing on their skills and game developments

The show was made possible by donations of subscribers.

The Ending Credits Theme, "The Heroic Flight" was created by Matt Fossa and performed by the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra.

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