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(pronounced : / Van-DOOL /)[1]
Vanduul image
The Vanduul motivation is not pure bloodthirstiness - they're after resources, rather than just kill tallies. So they're more interested in getting you out of the way quickly than just running around playing whack-a-pilot.

–Rob Irving[2]

The Vanduul are a race in Star Citizen. They are highly aggressive and appear to travel the galaxy in hordes, raiding colonies to survive.

First ContactEdit

Humanity first encountered the Vanduul in 2681, when they attacked human colonies in the Orion System. During raids, they would not destroy colony communications tower, and would leave more valuable items in favor of trivial or useless ones.[3]


Currently there is no known homeworld of the Vanduul. It is unknown if it has not been discovered, or simply no longer exists.


Again, little is known about Vanduul culture other than that they disperse into different hordes. When the captured Vanduul carrier-ship designated X12 was studied, DNA analysis uncovered a wide range of genetic diversity, implying social interaction beyond the single horde. Also notable, all bodies studied from X12 are male, further suggesting that there must be some central convergence of Vanduul groups where mating and other co-operative activities take place.[4]

Knife imagery appears throughout their media, with printed images of knives being common on the walls of personal quarters. Their chapels feature elaborate stained glass images of knives. This blade focused imagery seems to also express itself in their starship designs.[4]

Every Vanduul found on X12 was also found clutching a blade. these blades are believed to be crafted by their owners, as the owner's musculature perfectly matched the impurities in their blades.[4] although all blade compositions suggest a single point of origin.


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