Now that we have a couple more active editors and over 200 articles it's time to start organizing ourselves a bit better. Perhaps "State of the wiki" is not the right name, and I'm open to other suggestions, however I would like for editors and contributors to gather once every months or so and discuss active issues and lay down guidelines and policies.

Some of the more important things that come to mind:

A new more visually oriented main Page.
I've started working on it and TheBlueRogue made some suggestions as well.
A better structurized wiki navigation panel
It should allow for up 280 links, but has some limitations. For more see Help:Navigation.
Last, but not least - a total rewrite of Star Citizen article
It should be up to par with something that can be found in Wikipedia, perhaps structured more along the headers I've laid out in Star Citizen/v1.01

We also need to start laying down some guidelines and policies:

  • The first one was created by User:Nagidal and is concerned with Star Citizen Wiki: Sourcing.
  • The next one I think should be a Layout Guide of sorts to help new editors and to create a more structured and uniform look for our articles.
  • Though this is neither guideline, nor a policy it is however closely connected to the previous one - we need to create example articles for all areas, so people can see what is expected in an article about a ship, a planet, a system, a weapon and so on.
  • Another issue is capitalization in the names of the articles. I'm a German and used to capitalizing all nouns, however it doesn't work that way in English. Do we keep the capitalization that was used by CIG in proper nouns for example or do we remove it as the current tendency shows?

These are some of the issues, which I think need to be addressed sooner, rather than later, and I look forward to hearing your questions, suggestions, and comments.

--Priest (talk) 18:00, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

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