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  • Nagidal

    Galaxy map

    July 12, 2013 by Nagidal

    I finished my Star Citizen .

    • Galaxy Adobe Illustrator source file (4.5 MB)
    • Galaxy map.pdf PDF version (4.0 MB)
    • Galaxy map.png PNG version (1951×1380 px, 830 kB)

    • Relocated Odin and Osiris system according to Zuur's reasoning:
    • Relocated Virtus and Tal. Where Tal is now the map demo video shows a star with an extremely short name tag, a potential match for Tal. Virtus being the intermediate jump between UEE and Xi'An makes sense because according to Writer's Guide 6 Virtus has been a no-man's land between the UEE and Xi'An until the peace treaty. Also the Perry Line now makes more sense as a border between UEE and Xi'An.
    • Added jump path between Tyrol and Odin which is hard to see in the map demo video but it's there
    • Added number of planets t…

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  • Nagidal

    Points of research

    May 1, 2013 by Nagidal
    • Earth-Terra SPX in late 2942
    • RSI's shipyards in Angeli Prime and New Austin
    • Proprietary IDAssess software custom-built for Aurora's sensors

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  • Nagidal

    References I often use

    March 29, 2013 by Nagidal

    I post them here so I can copy them into the articles I write:

    Redirects. How do they work?

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