Flair 201604 march space flower

Name of plant: Tuserac Plena aka Emperor Blossom

Origin: Terra, Terra

Average Lifespan: Estimated: 50-100 SEY

Description: A member of the Tuserac family of flowers, the Emperor Blossom is one of the most recognizable indigenous plants from Terra. For most of the year, the flower is obscured, covered by what appears to be an unremarkable brown husk, similar to the Typha/Cattail of Earth. When an ideal temperature is reached, the plant enters its blooming phase: the petals peel back, revealing the striking colors underneath. Tens of thousands cross the Zaffre Bay every year for the Twilight Festival which coincides with the blooming of this beautiful flower.[1]


  1. RSIIcon March Subscriber Flair! on RSI Website

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