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Trident is a large international gaming community with most of it's members hailing from different parts of Europe. The community started out as an outfit (clan/guild) in Planetside 2, but we have since expanded to become a multi-game community. Playing games such as Minecraft, Warframe and ArcheAge.

The Star Citizen Division of Trident was officially founded October 1st 2013.

Philosophically we are an casual gaming community that focuses on having fun. That being said we see the value of organisation and we play to win. If a good-natured, mature community that appreciates individual freedom as well as the benefit of teamplay is what you are looking for, Trident may be a home for you


Trident is a multi gaming community and as a whole is run by the Trident Council. The leader is JudgeDeath, and the other Council members are ultimatox, JackJack233 and BlckJck. The community has Divisions for the various games we play, Star Citizen being among them. ultimatox is the leader of the Star Citizen Division.

The Star Citizen specific leadership structure is still not formed. The current plan is to create subdivisions for Security, Mercantile, Industry and Exploration, with a subsection commander for each. The subsection commanders can promote officers to serve under them as needed with Organisation leader approval. Members of the organisation will choose a primary subsection to associate with, but will remain free to move between subsections in day to day activities. The idea behind it is not to restrict how members play the game, but to create support structures and expertise around each field.

Rank StructureEdit

Rank Name Description
☆☆☆☆☆ Admiral Rank held by the organisation leader
☆☆☆☆ Vice Admiral Rank held by the subsection commanders
☆☆☆ Captain Officer serving under one of the subsection commanders, or earned through general promotion
☆☆ Commander Commander of a squadron during fleet ops or earned through general promotion
Ensign Rank granted to full members of the organisation 
- Cadet

Starting rank in the organisation who have yet to become full members

Star Citizen ActivitiesEdit

Trident will participate in all (legal) activities in Star Citizen, and we cater to every kind of player. Our main focus will be on Exploration and Security as well as Trading. We will not be limiting ourselves to those pursuits however and they may well change over time to reflect our members wishes.

Recruitment PolicyEdit

Trident is currently recruiting for our Star Citizen Division, as well as other game divisions. We have no particular requirements for joining other than following our (common sense) rules and being able to understand english.

All Trident members with the rank of Sergeant and higher has the power to invite and to review and accept applications to the organization.

How do you join?Edit

Simply head over to, create your account and join the Star Citizen Division from the Game Divisions tab. From there you will receive an invite to the Star Citizen Organization.

You can also join us directly via the organization page at To attain full membership rank you still need to sign up on our forums however.


Trident Fleet PosterEdit

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