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"Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all."— Alexander The Great

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Here you will find all the information relevant to the Titan Union, from it's historical founding and our purpose to the current leadership and our Union Policies.

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About Us Edit

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The Titan Union is a unified conglomerate of several core branches, each of which specialise in a distinctive fields to ensure prosperity, unity and security for all of its members.

Despite it's humble origins, the Union has thrived in the face of adversity. Throughout the ages, it has gained glory, wealth, prestige and new members; it is now recognised as a Union that has the capacity to grow in all directions.

The potential of the Union depends fully on those who are members of it - it functions like the crew of a single mighty vessel, working together to advance their goals and their prosperity; and like a mighty ship, everyone is important, from the Captain right down to the Engineer.

Branches Edit

The Titan Union is precisely what it sounds like: a Union of like minded individuals, dedicated to the mutual benefit of all of it's members, no matter their position. Guiding them are the Council - a body made up of representatives from the leadership of all three sections, as well as recruiters, diplomats and Union Officials. This council makes key decisions and decides the direction of the Union.

The President and Vice-President are the overseers of the Council, and are there to maintain a rational and balanced decision regarding the direction of the Titan Union. They ensure order is maintained and solve stalemates.

The current President; Jammy

3 Primary Branches form the Titan Union:

  • Commercial
  • Security
  • Syndicate



Titan Union recruiting poster


The economic and civilian heart of the Union. They trade, produce, salvage, explore and much more. As the Union grew, so did the Commercial Branch. It is the main money producer and though it lacks definitive stopping power as a branch, it more than makes up for it in shrewd trading practices and crafty pilots.

It's current head is the Director of Commerce: Adhar


They are the sword and shield that protects the Union. When fighting is required, their forces are there to protect both our own and allied interests. It is a professionally led and well organised task force that is capable of handling a wide variety of situations, ranging from simple escort missions to Full Scale War.

It's current head is the Chief Security Officer: Dhorkiy


The eyes and ears of the Union. They are the silent watchers, the whisper that makes you glance over your shoulder. They are ever on the look out for profitable opportunities, and are also responsible for preventing others from finding them in the Union. They also participate in trading.

It's current head is the Director of Operations: Aecuss

The Seperate Branches have their own command structures set in place as they each have to accomodate for different needs. While the Commercial Branch's structure is less structured and more lax, the Security Branch adheres to strict protocol to ensure proper chain of command in the field.

Departments Edit

Departments are overlapping entities that work directly for the Union rather than for a single Branch.

They have no direct power, but are consulted about and are responsible for their respective functions.

Diplomacy Edit

Responsible to ensure proper communication with other organisations and has to send the proper envoys.

Branding Edit

Artistic endeavours, movies, publication, etc. are their responsibility.

Recruiting Edit

They look for new members and review applications. They also conduct interview.


The Titan Union Introduction

The Titan Union Introduction


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