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This organization's ID is: TUGE Edit


The Unified Galactic Empire has been created by a Star Citizen "Piett" on May 26th, 2014. On lore-based information about the creation of TUGE please read the organization history.Edit

Motto, and a few words about The Empire Edit

Peace through justice, Justice through strength, Strength through Unity. Edit

The Unified Galactic Empire is the force that guards the galaxy, from it’s core to it’s frontier, 
it shields it from numerous grave dangers and unknown threats that lie beyond the horizon of 
known space.

The Unified galactic Empire is the force that unites it’s citizens in working towards the common goals,among them, reduction of the pirate threat, protection of it’s citizens, expanding the civilization, and charting the unknown areas of space. Edit

The Unified Galactic Empire is the force that brings peace, security, justice, order and stability to it’s territories, and it does that by whatever means necessary, always succeeding. Edit

The Unified Galactic Empire is the force that shields the innocent, and brings destruction to those who seek to harm them. Edit

Organization HistoryEdit

Origins: Edit

The Galactic Empire has been created upon the dissolution of the corrupted and ineffective Old Republic, after the first galactic civil war and ruled the known galaxy for over twenty five years. After that the second galaxy civil war broke out resulting in creating The New Republic. For over ninety years war raged throughout the galaxy, between the Empire Remnants and The New Republic, resulting in billions of dead and millions of destroyed ships. Because of depleted resources on the known planets, both the Empire and Republic went into the unknown regions and the uncharted space, to search for more resources to continue the war. Unfortunately they found something else- and ancient race that was both organic and synthetic. That race was unaware of the presence of other civilization so near it, but when it discovered that fact, it decided to annihilate both The New Republic and The Galactic Empire Remnants, along with everything else that showed any signs of self awareness. After three years it was clear that nor The Republic, nor The Empire have any chances at all defeating the invaders. Their only option was to unite under a single leader, a single banner, become one strong and powerful community. All differences were cast aside, and after a year The Unified Galactic Empire has been created under the leadership of Grand Admiral Jacen Solo. The joined strength of both old rivals has let them drive the invaders to their home system and destroy them completely. After that, even if there were some incidents, TUGE hasn't divided. For another forty fife years it searched the uncharted space for any signs of threats, during which time The Unified Galactic Empire, under pressure of the grooming economic crisis has created a dedicated Exploration Fleet and Commerce Fleet, apart from it’s mainly Military Fleets. After another seven years of charting the unknown universe, which turned out bigger than anyone ever expected, the Empire’s Exploration Fleet has found a UEE fleet that made contact with the unknown to them “visitors”. TUGE was later accepted as a sovereign and independent government and truce was made between TUGE and The UEE. Now, almost fourteen hundred years later, both TUGE and UEE coexist and strive together peacefully.


The "recent" history: Edit

Grand Admiral Piett has been chosen over two years ago to become the leader of The Unified Galactic Empire. Since his rule begun TUGE entered a new era of prosperity, he is already said to be the greatest ruler since times of Grand Admiral Jacen Solo, the founder of Unified Empire. Piett’s actions, not only ended the Second Great Economic Crisis that was consuming the empire for over eighty-five years, but he managed to take back the systems lost over the last ten years to Vanduul. He did that, and much more, mainly thanks to his military genius, charismatic nature, and administrative and political skills, that allowed him to sway public opinion towards TUGE once again, reorganize the Empire’s entire military, win numerous battles against Vanduul and other Empire’s enemies, unite all TUGE political camps and establish a new treaty with the UEE that guarantees income for TUGE vaults for decades to come. Unfortunately great power comes with great responsibility and great risk, a fact Piett discovered just a year after he’s been chosen the new Grand Admiral, when in a failed attempt on his life his entire family has been killed, including his parents, his newly married wife, and their two years old son. Piett survived only by accident, that he was called to an unscheduled meeting with his advisors, and was not at his house, when a Freelancer with tons of explosives crashed into it, causing a massive explosion. Until now no one really knows who was behind the attempt, although the most popular theories say it were the Vanduul, enraged by their recent losses to TUGE, and other say it were The Admiral’s political enemies, that couldn't stand his rise to power and fame, but in this case, the truth will probably never be discovered. Since that time, Grand Admiral Piett is searching for a new chief of security, because he lost trust in his long-time friend.

In the Earth year 2944 TUGE has attended an “Interstellar Space Summit” where it made numerous commitments and agreements. Two of them was signing a long-term security contract with an interstellar corporation “Kessel Transports” and the new formed alliance between TUGE and The Iron Reich. But certainly the most important moment of this summit has come when The Unified Galactic Empire, has joined the Coalition of Independent Powers, mainly thanks to the negotiations between TUGE leader, Grand Admiral Piett and CIP Council Member “Memory Thief”. Therefore it become one of the members of an alliance that aims to become the most powerful union in the universe. Only time will tell what comes of this partnership. Although there were some voices of resentment, due to the fact that The Coalition does not work towards reduction of the pirate threat, what has been a big focus of TUGE for hundreds of years, Imperial public opinion has expressed much content for this agreement.

The Unified Galactic Empire's society, history, goals, basics, etc. Edit

We are the descendants of the old Palpatine's Empire, although after our union with the New Galactic Republic, and the passed centuries, we have became much less totalitarian. That union was possible only thanks to a great and destructive force, from the outer space, against which no one could have stand alone, and to the resolve and determination of many people. The man who is without a doubt the father of TUGE is it's first leader, The Grand Admiral Jacen Solo, who led the united forces of The Republic, and The Empire during the final, seventh battle of Vaaxin Prime, and managed to form a new government, and keep the galaxy united. The Empire is the Vanguard of the galaxy, protecting it from whatever might threaten it, be it unknown species beyond the known space, the criminals and pirates within, or any other kind of dangers. TUGE is ruled by The Grand Admiral, who appoints his successor in his testament. Although, to avoid the threat of dictatorship, and monarchy, that successor must achieve at least half of the Imperial Senate votes, and at least three High Council members approval. The Grand Admiral then rules The Empire until his death, being the highest leader, and Supreme Commander of The Unified Empire. The Empire's goals have been unchanged for centuries, main of them being, the reduction of the pirate threat, protection of TUGE citizens, expanding the civilization, charting the unknown areas of space, and bringing peace, advancement, justice and law to all corners of the galaxy. Unfortunately, over the centuries passed, the Imperial society has divided into castes. The lowest and poor, being those who haven't shown any effort to make something of themselves, or to help The Empire. The middle, those who are working in normal, day to day jobs, they usually have good, and comfortable lives, but without much luxury. The higher level of society, being the aristocracy, usually descending from old houses, that once were rulers of worlds, which later joined TUGE, but also people from the "lower levels" who managed to strike out for themselves, be it as corporation creators,  or by any other success. But the top, the highest cast in TUGE, consist of people from all other casts, who have decided to work for the common good, and help further The Empire's goals, by joining The Imperial Navy or Army. The military personnel, be it the common Private, a simple Lieutenant or the High Admiral are the ones who defend The Empire, it's citizens, and the entire galaxy, from grave dangers, selflessly risking their own lives, quite often, by literary putting themselves in the line of fire, and due to that fact they are given the highest possible respect, and a common belief in TUGE is that the service is not just a duty of an Imperial patriot, but mainly an honor, and a privilege, and that it is better to die in pain, than to sully the Imperial Uniform.

Organization ManifestEdit

We are a peaceful organization, but we protect our citizens fiercely, so we strongly advise not to harm, or cheat them, nor to destroy or damage The Unified Galactic Empire property, or it will be met with just and severe punishment. We do not support piracy or slavery, and will go to great lengths to stop it across the galaxy. If you are innocent you have nothing to fear from us, we may even help you in need, but if you’re a criminal, then beware of our wrath. Under the Empire’s New Order, we will defend our ideals by force of arms. We will give no ground to our enemies and will stand together against attacks from within or without. Let the enemies of the Empire take heed: those who challenge Imperial resolve or break its laws, will be crushed.

The Unified Galactic Empire Divisions Edit

TUGE has many fleets. The best of them are the place where the highest elite of Imperial Military is placed. These fleets are known throughout the entire Empire, as the best. Edit

  • The Unified Galactic Empire First Fleet with support of the 501st Imperial Special Forces Corps, which tasks are mainly, but not limited to:
    -Patrolling Systems
    -Bandits and Pirates hunting
    -Keeping the Peace in the Galaxy
    -Enforcing Justice and Order on criminals and terrorists
    -Performing Militia duties (both in and outside lawful systems)
  • The Unified Galactic Empire Fifth Exploration Fleet with support of 127th Imperial Army Legion, which main tasks are, but again not limited to:
    -Exploring new areas of space in search of allies and resources
    -Providing crucial data of activities in new charted systems and tactical informations about them
    -Leaving a “mark” of the Empire in the visited systems to indicate that the system is under the Empire’s protection
  • The Unified Galactic Empire Seventh Commerce Fleet with support of 91st and 212th Imperial Army Legions, which tasks are:
    -Establishing Imperial trade routes 
    -Promoting and advertising Imperial-made goods 
    -Keeping Imperial Economy running by selling Imperial products and providing materials to Imperial factories
  • The Unified Galactic Empire Twenty First Auxiliary Fleet with 33rd, 75th and 591st Imperial Army Legions, which main (and only) tasks are:
    -Carrying out critical missions that cannot be completed by any of the other fleets at the time
    -Providing supporting operations to whichever of the main Imperial fleets when they are in need of assistance to perform their own duties

The Unified Galactic Empire's Fleet Commanders Edit

The fleet commanders are the only members, who with their distinctive service can achieve the rank of High Admiral, and are answerable only to the Grand Admiral. The Grand Admiral is also the only person in TUGE, who can appoint and revoke fleet commanders, give them orders, and grant them rank of High Admiral. Current fleet commanders are: Edit

  • Commander of The Unified Galactic Empire Seventh Commerce Fleet: Captain Of The Line EveWake
  • Commander of The Unified Galactic Empire Twenty First Auxiliary Fleet: Grand Admiral Piett
  • Commander of The Unified Galactic Empire Fifth Exploration Fleet: Grand Admiral Piett
  • Commander of The Unified Galactic Empire First Fleet: Grand Admiral Piett

The Unified Galactic Empire's sites: Edit


The Unified Galactic Empire is currently recruiting.

Do YOU want to bring peace to the galaxy as well?
Do YOU want to bring order, justice and stability to all citizens of the universe?
Do YOU want to explore the unknown? 
Visit your local Imperial recruitment office, and


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