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“The Order” is a name given to a fictional organization of the 25th century supposedly at the initiative of the creation of the United Planets of Earth in the R.J. Kipling novels.


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Colonial Program

The 2460’s major colonial program[1] wasn’t only the greatest gold rush of human history, but also the darkest era through the rise of a whole new kind of threats; from piracy to “democratic” separatist dictatorships that the authorities weren’t able to cope. The United Nations of Earth (UNE) Presidency authorized the foundation of an independent organization in order to support the them and act beyond government limits to counter rising threats.

No one remembers the name “The Order” actually had back then. Firstly joined by former Spec Ops leaded by Admiral Lafayette, they were soon joined by all walks of talents, from CEOs to politicians. Soon, the Order became one of the major influences through the colonies, providing support to all the settlers:

BookReport FI 2

Colonial Rise

  • Colony Protection,
  • Banking,
  • Convoy,
  • Services relays,
  • UNE local support.

Welcomed as honorary members, all colony leaders were involved in the elaboration of a better future for the colonies. A legend started to grow as The Order actually became a brotherhood seeking for an ideal democratic society and the enlightenment of society through knowledge, unifying what was scattered.

In 2517, considering the out-sized financial, political and military power of the Order scaring the UNE, they decided to permanently nominate the UNE Presidents as their honorific commander under a plan to melt into the United Nations of Earth. Since that time, there is no further reference of “The Order”. However, many observers were skeptical about who actually integrate who.

In 2523, a whole new government system rose[2] through the birth of the United Planets of Earth.

In 2546, Ivar Messer establishing the United Empire of Earth [3] claimed that The Order still existed as a secret brotherhood ruling the UPE. The society was being wiped out with all other traitors during the Empire rise.

Conspiracy theoriesEdit


Conspiracy Theories

  • The Order might have existed;
  • The Order still exist nowadays;
  • They sneak under the beds of kids;
  • They existed some time before 2460;
  • They’re plotting to restore Democracy;
  • They hide all the universe's money in a cave;
  • They are aliens infiltrating society to rule humanity;
  • Elvis Presley is alive and currently their Grand Master;
  • Leonardo Da Vinci painted a Bengal Carrier in The Last Supper;
  • Mosquitos were actually created by them to spy and bite citizens.



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