Terra’s Seditious Bill Fails is an article by Raymond Castor published on May 4th, 2638 in the United/Tribune[1]


The article spreads the news a failed referendum for Terra's separation from the UEE.

Full ArticleEdit

The motion for Separation drafted by the infamous Terran governor Assan Kieren failed to pass the public referendum today. As expected, the loyal Citizens of Terra and its neighboring systems realized that Kieren’s plan for sovereignty was an ill-conceived, unrealistic idea that would lead to an unstable future for them and their children and they made their voices heard. Going in droves to the voting stations and saying, No. We don’t agree. We don’t think that the UEE is failing us.

One can only hope that Kieren gets the message.

–Raymond Castor, United/Tribune, May 4, 2638


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