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Tat’Ko is a barren, windswept mass of volcanic rock. It’s no place for a human being–certainly not one without a light pressure suit–but it’s the ideal environment for the Banu.

The planet’s churning, underground volcanoes help produce the system’s main exports: black glass for producing circuitry and a gray oil, the so-called ‘planetblood’ which is used as a high-end space engine lubricant. Both products are exceptionally pure; the “Tat’Ko Seal” graphic which confirms their place of origin is the mark of highly respected products.

The weather patterns on Tat’Ko are turbulent at best, lethal on the average day. Therefore, the cities are massive enclosed arcologies driven deep into the planet surface. Nicknamed Spires by UEE travellers due to their resemblance to massive spikes driven into the planet. Docking at a spire can be exceptionally difficult, starship accidents during landing here are common.

The polar regions of Tat’ko are a source of bad-ice, a highly illegal frozen combination of water and refinable poisons.[1][2]


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