Taranis III is a smoggy, stormy world located on the edge of the system’s habitable zone. The planet’s constant storms are the origin of the system’s name (Taranis, Celtic God of Thunder). The planet lacks a Human breathable atmosphere, but has nonetheless become the site of Human settlement. Bethor research station, established in 2436 to study weather control techniques, has organically expanded over the centuries to become a full fledged settlement of Tevarin refugees and Human ex-pats. The initial corporate owners are long gone, and Bethor is now rumored to be in the control of a syndicate or similar quasi-organization, although they keep their activities obscured from visitors.[1]

The second Taranis Belt is located past Taranis III. It is similar to the inner belt, but less dense with a number of safe approach vectors (to the point of making transit to Taranis III slightly less dangerous than crossing the system). In 2930, the Bengal class carrier Indomitable famously suffered extensive damage trying to move through Second Taranis in pursuit of a pirate Q ship.[1]


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