Sakura Sun Stormfire Edit

The Stormfire is the size 3 ship weapon produced by Sakura Sun. It utilizes Sakura Sun's novel Multi-Particle/ Wave Cannon technology. It's said to cause massive damage to both shields and armor, as well as being one of the highest rate energy weapons on the market, similar to a gatling gun.

Like all "XXXfire" weapons from Sakura Sun, it is manufactured at several quality production levels, from inexpensive/basic to expensive/luxury all the way to very rare limited runs. EX, DX, X and XT, in that order from least expensive to most expensive, are the current production runs. A fifth run, labeled as the "Stormfire 2301" is a very limited run weapon with the highest grade components and, naturally, an extremely sought after weapon.

The MP/WC is a fascinating piece of technology. In effect, the gun is a series of multiple miniaturized particle accelerators that fire sequentially. This results in a stream of bosons projected towards a target. The bosons occupy the same quantum state as a wave while in flight and then collapse into discrete particles with unique states upon impact. The result is massive damage to both shields and standard armor types. What’s more, the weapon is fast: the multi-particle/wave cannon is the only energy gun capable of attaining the retire rate of a Gatling gun.

Sources Edit

Sakura Sun Galactic Guide - [1]

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