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Stay CrispyEdit

Stay Crispy doubles as a clan and a community hub for groups, clans, or friends looking for an always-up teamspeak that they can have their own channel in, their page on the website, and readily accessible people from various games to connect and network with. See the community section below.

About UsEdit

Stay Crispy is a clan about living a crispy lifestyle. Playing for fun, serious, or to our hearts content. Our teamspeak is always available to the public with no absurd clan rules, join and play with your friends, or with us if you want to.


Our teamspeak and website showcase our clan and our shenanigans but it can also be for you. Networking with other corporations and clans is key to hiring trusted groups that can be called upon when needed. We'd hope to see smaller based groups or clans reach out to us so we could all coexist on the same teamspeak and website as to build the connections that will prove invaluable in-game.

Don't have a teamspeak to call home or want to join ours?

- We can make seperate channels for you and your friends

- We'd love new members or affiliations with your clan for future game adventures/trades

- No requirments or obligations

Want your clan to have it's own webpage?

- We can make you a page for your clan on our website

- Features like twitch livestreams on your page

Contact UsEdit

Our Teamspeak is always available for you and your friends

TS address =

Visit us on our website

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