On June 28, 2013 we got the video Star Citizen Galaxy Map WiP (Youtube), where we can see the Work In Process of the Galactic Map. The colors show the political affiliation of the star systems, not the UEE Strategic Value.

VERY Work in Progress, because I wasn't able to decipher all system names.

The new star map can be found here.

UEE - United Empire of Earth  (blue)Edit

  • Banshee System
  • Bremen System
  • Castra System
  • Centauri System
  • Chronos System (Synthworld)
  • Corel System
  • Croshaw System
  • Davien System
  • Ellis System
  • Elysium System
  • Ferron System
  • Fora System
  • Garron System
  • Goss System
  • Idris System
  • Kilian System
  • Magnus System
  • Nemo System
  • Nexus System
  • Oya System
  • Rhetor System
  • Sol System
  • Stanton System
  • Terra System
  • Tohil System
  • Vega System

Vanduul  (red)Edit

  • Caliban System
  • Orion System
  • Tiber System (aka Grinder)
  • Vanguard System
  • Vendetta System
  • Virgil System
  • Vulture System

Banu  (yellow)Edit

  • Bacchus System
  • Yulin System

Lawless / Unaligned  (white)Edit

  • Branaugh System
  • Cathcart System
  • Hades System
  • Leir System
  • Min System
  • Nul System
  • Oberon System
  • Pelles System
  • Pyro System
  • Taranis System

Developing System / UEE Protectorate  (purple)Edit

  • Kallis System
  • Kellog System
  • Oso System

Xi'An  (green)Edit




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