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Released: 2014-10-30


  • Added Gladius to hangar
  • Added Enhanced Stick Precision for Joystick and Gamepad
  • Added Target Focus
  • Added Virtual Joystick toggle (left-alt)
  • Added missile deployment animations
  • Added option to now bind decoupled yaw on joysticks


  • M50
    • Health reduced
    • Turning speed increased
    • Acceleration increased
  • 350R
    • Decreased boost
    • Weight increased
  • 300i
    • Adjusted weapon heat decay
  • Hornet
    • Increased power draw of shield
  • Aurora
    • Adjusted weapon heat decay
  • Weapon Cooling tweaked for all weapons
  • Omnisky III
    • Damage Decreased
    • Firing rate increased
  • Omnisky VI
    • Firing rate increased
  • CF-007 Bulldog Repeater
    • Damage decreased
  • CF-117 Badger Repeater
    • Damage increased
  • Behring M3A Laser
    • Damage increased
  • Behring M4A
    • Firing rate decreased
    • Bullet speed increased
    • Reduced bullet spread
  • Behring M5A
    • Firing rate increased
    • Power usage increased
    • Damage increased
  • 9-Series Longsword
    • Size reduced from 2 to 1
    • Firing rate increased
    • Damage increased
  • 11-Series Broadsword
    • Firing rate increased
    • Damage decreased
  • Sledge II
    • K and W Mass Driver Cannon display name changed to Sledge II
    • Size reduced from 2 to 1
    • Firing rate decreased
    • Damage decreased
  • Mantis GT-220
    • Damage decreased
  • MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon
    • Firing rate increased
    • Damage increased
    • Decreased heat and power usage
    • Changed color
  • Target Lead Indicator replaced with Lag-Pip
  • Increased size of DFM maps
  • Adjusted Shield Regen Delay
  • Default joystick x-axis input is now yaw instead of roll
  • Comstab now off by default
  • Updated 315p material
  • Relative mouse mode improvements
  • Various HUD visual changes
  • Zoom slightly increased, visual effect added
  • Adjusted position of locker toilet paper
  • Updated ammobox visual in holotable
  • Decreased IFCS Banking
  • Racing checkpoints now open faster
  • Adjusted Broken Moon and Dying Star ambient light


  • Fixed 325a textures
  • Fixed Mustang enter animation
  • Fixed Aurora gimbal rotation rate
  • Fixed Squadron Battle not ending if one team leaves
  • Fixed Vanduul spawning in incorrect locations
  • Fixed racing end of match scoreboard
  • Fixed some draw distance issues in the hangar
  • Fixed the planet flickering in Broken Moon
  • Fixed 300i series door sounds
  • Fixed 300i series hologram not showing ship damage
  • Fixed Origin radar sphere being too dim
  • Fixed flickering issues of environment assets during the beginning of a race
  • Fixed distance marker on selected reticle to now match scale of reticle
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Localization fixes
  • Various crash fixes


  • Ships can appear to jitter near edges of large maps
  • 325a external material incorrect after zoning into multiplayer matches
  • Gladius canopy becomes offset from cockpit during open animation
  • 325a power management bars do not update when redistributing power via the power triangle
  • Dynamic Zoom only functions when ship is not moving
  • Arena commander menu specified Hornet F7a as ‘TRAINER’
  • Omnisky III and IV do not overheat
  • Floating geometry above 315p starboard door
  • The nose and wing stripes on the 315p are displaying incorrectly
  • Targeting an enemy ship during the HUD bootup sequence will result in the targeted ship not appearing in the target window
  • Wingmen stop flying between waves in Vanduul Swarm
  • Turrets are inaccessible in the Cutlass Black and Blue
  • Graphical artifacts appearing when using an AMD R9 285 video card
  • Docking Collar is inaccessible in the Cutlass Black
  • Docked targets show a scanned reticle/HUD arrow but do not give lag pips
  • Grey cat will always turn right when using the Gamepad
  • Joystick and Throttle inputs do not prevent Windows power saver mode from putting monitor to sleep
  • You can prevent this by increasing the sleep timer for your display in Windows Power Saver settings
  • Stalker IR missiles do little damage and ignore flares
  • Hornet nose weapons do not recharge
  • Helmet overlay still appears below feet when looking down
  • Aurora MR red decals don’t get damaged when the ship does
  • Vanduul, Vixen and Warlord will sometimes collide with asteroids

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