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  • Released: 2014-10-17


  • 325a is now flyable


  • K&W Mass Driver Cannon Damage Increased


  • Fixed animations issues with entering beds in Cutlass Red
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • Fixed 325a interior ship decals


  • HUD icons can appear in 3rd person in Vanduul Swarm
  • Mustang Omega ship animations not working
  • 300i and variants do not display their damage states on the HUD
  • 300i, 325a and 350r don’t appear to update when you interact with their weapons on the holotable. You can force the holotable to update by cycling to a different holotable screen and then cycle back to the previous screen.
  • 325a has no thruster trail/animations
  • 325a image on website is different than what appears in game

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