A space suit protects the player while in space. There are nine classes (types) of suits. Like ship upgrades, each suit will have a variety of different manufacturers, quality levels, upgrade options, etc. Suits will also have customizable colors, decals, etc. to increase variation. There will also be an array of player clothing separate from space suits.

Space suit classesEdit

  • Class I — basic protection; essentially a plastic bag. Think a Tyvek suit. Class I suits protect against vacuum during a hull breach but they can’t be worn for EVAs.
  • Class II — This is the “standard” suit for non-military pilots. Keeps you safe in the cockpit and is maneuverable enough in combat. Has limited EVA capabilities, although to do anything effective in zero G you need attachments that will slow it down.
  • Class III — Heavier civilian suit. A little slower and less maneuverable than the class II, but has increased armor. You’ll have a harder time moving around in boarding, but you can take more hits.
  • Class IV — Military suit, as seen in the Squadron 42 trailer. This suit is armored to protect against cockpit damage, has various self-repair features, advanced tactical display, etc. Roughly as effective in EVA as the class II is in a boarding operation.
  • Class V — Advanced Military Suit. This is a much more expensive and rarer class of suit. Think the difference between a standard fighter pilot suit and the ones worn by an SR-71 crew.
  • Class VI — Marine armor. Too bulky to wear in a cockpit, but much more effective in boarding operations. A pilot wearing a class III suit might fly a cargo load of his friends in class VI suits to attack a freighter.
  • Class VII — Heavy Marine Armor. This is a heavy weapons suit with mech upgrade for carrying heavy weapons.
  • Class VIII — Full blown EVA suit, similar to a modern space suit with an MMU.
  • Class IX — Full blown mech suit. Somewhere between a space suit and the power loader from Alien. These repair the outsides of large ships, move heavy objects in hangars, etc.

Space Suit ManufacturersEdit



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