The space globes are a set of subscriber flair which was released on January 21st, 2015. All backers received one random globe as a backer reward, Centurion subscribers received two random globes, and Imperator subscribers received all three. When used in-game, each space globe animates.[1]

Space Globes

The three types are:

Plentiful Salvage - A Reclaimer works on salvaging a Herald, creating red-orange sparks, as small meteoroids fly past.

Glorious Moments - A Carrack sits in a bright blue nebula with gold highlights.

Good Health & Evading Skills - A Herald is repeatedly missed by green energy weapons fire as explosions occur around it.

Even the space globes purchased in the subscriber store are randomized, making gifting a particular globe to a friend difficult, however there is a script to ensure a new buyer will get one of each before it becomes completely random.[2]

"What is a Space Globe? Space globes are a long-lived, centennial human new year’s tradition. Each year, Rosemont Imports creates a limited edition collection of Premium Space Globes ornaments to collect. Health, prosperity and plentiful bounty hunting; space globes are supposed to bring good luck in the new year!"[1]

The description implies that space globes may become a yearly set of flair.

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