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SRRS pilots and evarescue are tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. SRRS will collect and provide limited aid to any stranded pilots as well as recover and tow any disabled ship to the closest safe destination.

While chartered by the UEE to provide these general life safety services, SRRS pilots are independent and NOT officially affiliated with any military or law enforcement branch and are not considered representatives of the UEE while on duty with the SRRS.

SRRS MembersEdit

SRRS currently has 10+ Full or Associate members who have joined the organization (31/01/2014).

SRRS CharterEdit

  1. We are a life saving organization, NOT law enforcement. We do not discriminate based upon race, creed, citizenship, or legal status. We do not care if you are a pirate, an outlaw, or an enemy combatant of the UEE. We will rescue stranded pilots and tow disabled ships regardless, so long as the parties in distress are not hostile towards our recovery ships.
  1. We are primarily non-combatants. As stated above, we are here solely to rescue and will never attack anyone, even if they are in combat with UEE forces. However, if SRRS ships or those being rescued by us are attacked we will act to defend ourselves and protect those under our care.
  1. As we require funding to sustain operations, we must charge a fee to cover costs of fuel, manpower and equipment repair/upkeep for each rescue made. The current going rate is 10% of the base value of the ship, however we are open to negotiations or trade in lieu of the standard charge. This rate is subject to change. A tiered system based upon risk/danger to our pilots is also being examined.
  1. If it is found that an individual cannot pay or afford the services rendered, ejected pilots will still be collected/transported and disabled ships towed to the closest safe haven. However, they will simply forfeit any and all salvage or cargo that was recovered by our pilots. Our pilots will also keep any insurance premiums for recovery.
  1. Our pilots are volunteer. We do these things, that others may live. However, SRRS pilots will typically keep any premiums from insurance policies for recovered ships and rescued pilots.


SRRS is a para-military meritocracy.   Garik Duvall serves as the Commodore of SRRS, with Sturgicus as Vice Commodore.   Other members will be promoted and assigned collateral duties as the need arises.

Star Citizen ActivitiesEdit

SRRS primarily serves as a humanitarian search and rescue organization, for the aid of other Star Citizen pilots and crew. We enjoy the challenge of carving a niche in Star Citizen that refrains from active combat whenever possible, in favor of rescue and salvage.

Recruitment PolicyEdit

SRRS is seeking like-minded players to develop a strong teamwork-intensive group. We're particularly interested in recruiting real-work search and rescue (SAR) responders, EMT's, firefighters other similar vocations for a truly unique Star Citizen org.

How do you join?Edit

Create an account and application at; from there you will receive an invite to the Star Citizen Organization.

You can also join us directly via the organization page at To attain full membership rank you still need to sign up on our forums however.


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