Human ManufacturerEdit

AEGS - Aegis DynamicsEdit

ANVL - Anvil AerospaceEdit

CNOU - Consolidated OutlandEdit

Category Ships by Consolidated Outland not found

CRUS - Crusader IndustriesEdit

DRAK - Drake InterplanetaryEdit

ESPR - EsperiaEdit

KRIG - Kruger IntergalacticEdit

MISC - Musashi Industrial & Starflight ConcernEdit

ORIG - Origin Jumpworks GmbHEdit

RSI - Roberts Space IndustriesEdit

Banu ManfacturerEdit


Xi'An ManfacturerEdit

XIAN - AopoaEdit

Vanduul ManufacturerEdit

VNCL - VanduulEdit

Undetermined ManufacturerEdit

Ships known (mainly) from loreEdit

Comparison Matrix Edit

Ships Comparison Matrix

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