"As the old adage goes, ‘times have changed.’ We’re a very different Empire in a very different position than where we were in 2872. Back then, conflict with the Vanduul had settled back into sporadic raids, far from the active military campaign that we’re currently engaged in. The UEE had recently approved a new lend-lease program with the Xi’An, opening up opportunities for corporate ventures between our two great civilizations. It was a good time. I’m sure if some of those Senators were here today, they’d reconsider their vote."
- Senator Rachel Lester (during Senate floor debate on the Project Archangel Initiative, aka SynthWorld)

About Edit

Senator Rachel Lester is a member of the Transitionalist Party and represents the planet of Vann from the Croshaw System in the UEE Senate.

Political Activity Edit

2944-04-08 - Motioned to form a subcommittee reviewing the Senate’s current contract practices with private sector vendors for signs of corruption [1]

2944-07-16 - Lester's subcommittee indicted Senator Octavia Beate's junior associate Trent Sebastian in a payoff scheme to favorably position vendors for Senate contracts. [2][3]

2946-08-23 - Introduced the Sensible Synthworld Amendment (designated AV4-3223) on the Senate floor [4]

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