To all of the people of Aremis: etace tu adille! We did it! It is your heart and spirit that inspires me to make things better. And we will rise from this. We will, though it may not seem like it. If you are lost in your sorrow, you only need to step outside and look around. You will not only see other Aremisians, you will see family. We have all suffered, but in that, we are all in this together.

–Senator Aemile, in his inaugural address

About Edit

Edward Javier Aemile serves as the first senator of Aremis in the Vega system, the newest planet to gain representation in the UEE Senate. The historic day, 2945-11-10 SET, will no doubt be forever remembered and celebrated on Aremis. Immediately after his inauguration, Senator Aemile called for a vote on the Declaration of War against the Vanduul as proposed by Imperator Costigan.

Source Edit

RSIIcon Spectrum Dispatch: Congress Now 2945-11-10 SET on RSI Website

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