S. Totland - Recovered Comm

Freund Family Fuel Employee Datapad - Simon Totland

To: Ben Totland

From: Simon Totland

RE: Checking in

Hey man,

I got chewed out again today. Guess I didn't get to the turret fast enough. Adena kept yelling at me that we'd all be dead if the ship was really under attack.

But it's not like I was dragging my heels. I've just never been on a ship this size before. It's so easy to get turned around on this thing. Almost feels like someone designed this ship specifically for people to get lost on.

Ty keeps telling me not to worry about it. He keeps reminding me that nobody's first run goes smoothly. Told me yesterday that "the only way you learn is by living." This would all be super overwhelming if he wasn't here. Not to say it's not nice to talk to you about these things too, but by the time the message reaches you and you have the time to respond, sometimes the moment's passed.

Heard the Captain and his sister arguing again last night. I'm not sure if they realize how loud they are or maybe they don't care. Had to crank up the volume on my mobi to drown them out, but then I got worried I'd miss a call to get to the turret, so I turned it back down. Still not sleeping very well. Every little bump wakes me up, then it takes forever to get back to sleep.

At least I'm making some creds and gaining some experience. Once I get paid, I'll send a portion to Mom. Maybe now that both of us are working things will be a bit easier for her. Oh, did you ever find out how much experience deckhands need on your ship? How great would that be to work this same ship. Sure Mom would love it too. Both her boys, exploring the stars together. Just like she always dreamed.

Crap... gotta run. Talk again soon, brother.

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