Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems (RRS) is an Earth-based corporation that provides rehabilitation services throughout the UEE. Their arms division is responsible for a groundbreaking series of new weaponry designed to incapacitate opponents without taking lives.

“Piracy is a real risk in some areas of space. But the good men and women at Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems believe that death is not the ultimate deterrent to criminal behavior. Instead, a solid combination of financial consequences and structured rehabilitation is the key to getting offenders to straighten up and fly right. That is why we offer a line of hangar-level, shipboard, and personal less-than-lethal defense options that provide customers with the safety that they need and criminals the second chance that they deserve. The Silent Sentinel Less-lethal Boarding Defense System provides multiple forms of short-term defense that can disable even the largest boarding party, leaving you to collect the insurance payout or available bounties, and the authorities to do what they do best. The personal stunner provides the necessary leverage for those who want to keep a bad situation in hand.

Tagline: RRS: security with humanity®[1]



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