Roberts Space Industries (RSI) has two identities.  One in the real world, the other in the virtual world.  In the legal world RSI is a subsidiary/division of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation.

In the virtual world of Star Citizen, RSI is the creator of the quantum drive that kick started humanity’s expansion into space. They're known for their wide range of spaceships that serve all your needs starting at basic interstellar travel to deep exploration on the outer edges of the galaxy.

RSI DivisionsEdit

  • RSI Astro Development team[1]

RSI In-Game HistoryEdit

2113: RSI released the first Atmo-Processor, a device capable of Terraforming. [2]
2140: RSI released the Zeus, the first spacecraft both capable of short-distance flight and affordable enough for purchase by more than just the "super-wealthy." [3]
2214: RSI released the Poseidon, a new generation of spacecraft capable of a speed 1/10th the speed of light. It also introduced the augmented hydrogen scrubber, which facilitated fuel collection while in flight. [4]

RSI ProductsEdit





  • ArmaBrace system for operator seats
  • N16 OptiGlass remote ship systems monitoring


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