B4G Retaliator
Retaliator landed cropped
ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
FocusStrategic Bombing
Maximum Crew6[1]
Standalone Price$275[2]
Mass (empty)188 t[1]
Cargo Capacity128 Standard Cargo Units[3]


30 t (bomb-load)
Length71 m[1]
Height12 m[1]
Beam30 m (landed)[4]
53 m (full flight)[1]
Upgrade Capacity [?]8[5]
Max Power Plant Size [?]6[1]
Factory Power PlantTyler D-Tech G33 (S5, Q1, MO)[1]
Main Thrusters [?]2× TR5[1]
Factory EngineArcCorp Arc Duo 400 (TR4, Q2, LE/HE)[6]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]12× TR1[1]
2x TR3[1]
6x TR4[1]
Max Shield [?]3[1]
ShieldYorm Dual Guardian (S5, Q1, F/B, Hard)[1]
Cooling System [?]2× (Size 2)[7]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Manned twin turret
Size 4;Size 1 guns[8]
5× 2× K&W CF-007 Bulldog (Size 1)[8][7]
Large munition
Front bomb bay
Cluster missile[7]
Large munition
Rear bomb bay
Cluster missile[7]
Additional EquipmentFrigDrop R

The B4G[9] Retaliator is the United Earth Empire’s premiere, if aging, jump-capable heavy bomber.

Official DescriptionEdit

Massive formations of these spacecraft running long-range strike missions is not an uncommon sight around the fringes of the empire. With a distinctive elongated silhouette that is dotted with turrets and carrying a massive bomb load, the Retaliator is an effective symbol of Imperial might. As such, they are the frequent centerpiece of Space Force recruiting posters. Retaliators are ground-based, with all but the largest carriers unable to operate them effectively. Heavily modified Retaliators are becoming commonplace on the civilian market as the design ages and earlier production runs are sold off en-masse. Outfitted to carry cargo instead of antimatter bombs and with the waist turret positions typically swapped for makeshift living quarters, they make a good medium freighter or a basic explorer. Some have even been converted into long-hop passenger spacecraft![10]

NOTE: The Retaliator can carry anti capital ship torpedoes.[11]

Developer Comments and QuotesEdit

Gun Systems AIEdit

You'll absolutely be able to fly [the Retaliator] solo. The ships were all designed originally as single player craft and the extended multi-crew functionality came later as fans requested it. In the case of ships like the Retaliator, you will have AI systems that man the extra guns. Better AI systems mean more effective defense!

–Pete Mackey on September 6, 2013[12]

Loadout UpdateEdit

The loadout for the military version is a bit different from the one that will be in the hangars.

–developer aley.CIG on April 29, 2014[13]

Ship Statistic InconsistenciesEdit

Please note, the official ship stats as of May 9, 2014 appear to contain some inconsistencies, c.f. Max Engine vs. Factory Engine.[6]
Ship statistics in March 2015 also appear to have inconsistencies, i.e., turrets of either size 6 [7] or size 4.[8] The most recent information has size 4 manned turrets that can hold two size 1 guns, each.

Official DesignationEdit

The official designation under the old UEE designation system was confirmed to be B4G[9] by David Haddock.

Bomb to Cargo Bay Swap OutEdit

The Retaliators purchased during the pledge campaign (to date) will include the military weapons listed in the specifications. Swapping out the bomb bay for a cargo bay will be easily done in the game world.

–Ben Lesnick on November 26, 2014[14]





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