Reliant Mako - News Van
FocusInformation Running
Maximum Crew2
Standalone Price$50[1]
Mass (empty)18,750 kg
Cargo Capacity13 SCU
Max Power Plant Size [?]1
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
2x TR1
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]12× TR1
Max Shield [?]3
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1Class 1 Weapon Systems

The Reliant Mako - News Van (Variant B) is a ship by Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, specifically designed for deep space broadcasting. The ‘News Van’ Reliant adds an Image Enhancement Suite that helps capture every moment of life in the stars.[2]

Official Description Edit

The Empire depends on up-to-the-second information, which is why reporters need to be able to go where the news is happening: wherever, whenever. Enter the Mako, all the flexibility and dependability of a MISC Reliant combined with a state of the art Image Enhancement suite and turret-mounted optics to capture every moment as it happens with the clarity and accuracy that makes headlines.[3]

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References Edit

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