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Constellation ship specs
ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries
Primary FocusMulti-Function
Secondary FocusFreighter
Maximum Crew4-5 persons (depending on variant)
1 HangarP-52 Merlin Close range fighter[1]
Mass (empty)75 t
Cargo Capacity35 t
Length55.4 m
Height13.4 m
Beam26.6 m
Upgrade Capacity [?]20
Hull ConstructionCarbon nanotube
Max Power Plant Size [?]6
Factory Power PlantWei-Tek HFR2 Plus (S5, Q2, HD/HO)[1]
Top Speed400 kps
Main Thrusters [?]TR6
Factory EngineHammer Propulsion HE 5.5 (TR5, Q2, HE/HO)[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR3
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersHydra Propulsion M3-150
Max Shield [?]6[1]
ShieldBehring 6S7A (S5, Q2, Box, Hard)[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 24x size 4 (Nacelle) - 4x Behring M5A laser (S3, Q1)[1]
Class 32x size 4, 4x Custom - 2x (8x size 4 Missile Racks + 16 size 5 Missiles)[1]
Class 52x size 4 - 2x (S4, Q2, Laser Repeater, Twin Turret)[1]
Additional EquipmentRSI Jump Engine

Official DescriptionEdit

When you think handsome bounty hunter making his own way in a galaxy of enemies, you think the Constellation. The Constellation, a multi-person freighter, is the most popular ship in RSI’s current production array. Constellations are beloved by smugglers and merchants alike because they are modular, high powered… and just downright iconic-looking. The Constellation includes a manned turret, a large cargo area and a small flight deck capable of launching a snub fighter in its own defense..[2]

The Constellation would serve as an adequate bomber (it is a space superiority ship, after all) ...

–Rob Irving[3]

Ship BrochureEdit

Constellation VariantsEdit

The design team is working on 4 additional variants for the Constellation[4]. Variant names shown on a promotional poster released August 8, 2014 were the Andromeda, Aquila, Phoenix, and Taurus.[5]


The Andromeda is the base model available of the Constellation. It comes with a P-52 Merlin.


The Aquila is the exploration-focused variant of the Constellation line. It comes with a redesigned cockpit for extra visibility, an advanced sensor package, and an Ursa rover used for planet-side exploration.


The luxury variant of the Constellation, the Phoenix, comes with a completely redesigned interior, a sensor-dampened area for discrete cargo storage, a Lynx rover, and the Kruger P-72 Archimedes fighter.


The Taurus is the freight-focused variant, consisting of only the most basic of configuration and an expanded cargo hold, at the expense of Snub Fighter and powerplant size.

Fighter InformationEdit

The Constellation carries the P-52 Merlin in its hangar. Other tender ships can be equipped instead, but none of these will be jump-capable[6].

The Phoenix variant comes with P-72 Archimedes, instead, though any Constellation with the snub fighter deck is capable of operating one.

Developer UpdatesEdit

Variant NamesEdit

Cygnus was an early name for one of the Constellation variants.[7]

This was renamed the Phoenix variant.[source?]


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