Decorations for the Hangar.

Voyager Direct Shop:

  • ¤1,000 UEC each (September 6, 2013)
  • ¤5,000 UEC each (August 31, 2013)

"Be A Hero" PosterEdit

Poster clean unique uee 01 diff
Be a hero with this iconic poster, perfect for hanging on the wall of your hangar!

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

"We Want You" PosterEdit

Poster clean unique uee 02 diff
Hang this dynamic recruiting poster from the UEEN on your wall and show your support for the United Earth Empire Navy!

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

350R PosterEdit

Poster350R clean unique uee 01 diff
Display your racing spirit by hanging this Origin Jumpworks 350r poster on your wall!

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

Cutlass PosterEdit

PosterCutlass clean unique uee 01 diff
The flagship of the pirate community, the Drake Cutlass, and the iconic Vanduul raider, the Scythe, circle each other on a silent battlefield of tumbling rock.

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

Freelancer PosterEdit

PosterFreelancer clean unique uee 01 diff
Got the itch to live a life of freedom among the stars? This MISC Freelancer poster will showcase your adventurous spirit!

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

Hornet PosterEdit

PosterHornet clean unique uee 01 diff
The F7A Hornet is one of the most iconic space superiority fighters ever developed. Celebrate its heritage with this fantastic poster!

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

Gladiator PosterEdit

Hangar GladiatorPoster 02
Support the war effort against the Vanduul with this classic Anvil Gladiator image.

Price: ¤1,000 UEC

Retaliator PosterEdit

Hangar RetaliatorPoster
Show your support for the UEE’s premier long-range bomber with this iconic Retaliator poster.

Price: ¤1,000 UEC



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