Poseidon was a revolutionary fusion engine developed in 2214 by RSI. It was the first engine which was capable of accelerating a space craft to 0.1 c[1].

In times when the standard fusion engine utilized a specific impulse of 130,000 s, RSI unveiled the Poseidon. With its next generation design it could achieve speeds up to 18,600 mi/s or 0.1 c. It had a specific impulse of 375,000 s.

Poseidon features an augmented hydrogen scrubber technology in order to better facilitate fuel collection while in flight. It consists of three micro-reactors hardwired into a series of relays and scrubbers. During flight in deep space, the scrubbers collect hydrogen which is then filtered and funneled into the fusion reactors.

What was particularly ingenious about this engine was the Terrestrial Atmospheric Applicators (TAA). These applicators could be activated when entering into a foreign planets atmosphere and the engine could extract the necessary elements from the air, thus maintaining its fuel rate.

The first generation of the Poseidon engines suffered from recurring parts malfunction.


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