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P.R.I.M.E Corp


P.R.I.M.E Corp is a small corporation centered in the Ferron system. P.R.I.M.E Corp (Private Recon Interstellar Military Escort Services) focuses mostly on bounty hunting and VIP rescue missions.


2554 following the battle of idris IV the remaining Tevarin fleet retreated towards an unknown rendezvous point. The fleet’s nav-computers had been damaged in the battle and resulted in the Tevarin coming out of hyperspace deep in the Gorran sector. Upon their arrival, the fleet began scanning for any sign of life and soon came upon the newly terraformed moon of Dorrack IV. Upon the discovery of the world, the fleet decided to repay the humans for their crushing defeat and within a matter of hours made its way toward the unsuspecting moon. Dorrack IV had been a world best known for production of food crops for outer rim worlds and lack all but the most basic voluntary defence fleet made up of only 7 long outdated haulers armed with only light weaponry. The violent rage of the Tevarin fleet quickly responded and within 37 minutes the fleet  hung in ruins, with this the fleet pressed on toward Dorrack IV and in a conflict lasting only 3 days a massive planetary bombardment stripped the world of what little atmosphere it had obtained within the last few decades. The planet began to glow a faint orange as the world was engulfed in flames and within minutes over 98 % of the 2,478,673 people of Dorrack IV were dead. The few remaining survivors had been sheltered inside their lightly shielded homes. Within another week the remaining survivors were mostly hunted down and killed for sport. Finally after 2 months of holocaust the final remaining survivors were rounded up and crammed into shipping containers and loaded onto the Tevarin fleet. Watching from within the fleet of ships, the survivors watched in horror as hundreds of Class 12 Heavy Torpedoes tore through their home world leaving nothing but rubble floating it its wake.

The Tevarin's still on the run form the UEE navy decided to leave their prisoners at the mercy of space and upon finding the nearest Jump point decided to leave, as they went they dumped their precious ‘cargo’ into space left to drift for however long the air would last inside there cramped steel coffins.And quickly Hundreds died within the first few hours and within 23 hours only 2  of the 37 containers still supported life. Brutally, the survivors left in the containers had decided that instead of dying slowly in the vast emptiness of space by slowly suffocating to death, the survivors decided that killing each other off would be faster, more humane and hopefully, would leave the strong to survive . Men, women, children and the old, the sick and the dying, brutally beat each other to death with whatever they had at their disposal. The dead were reused, flesh stripped from bodies in heightened levels of adrenalin, their bones ripped out and used to stab and mutilate the other survivors until only the true strongest were still alive. The screams lasted for hours and other containers drifted by completely unaware of the true carnage that lay around them, for in space nobody could hear their screams. Finally after 4 hours of bloody carnage, the few remaining survivors decreed a truce. And rightfully so, for finally in the stillness of space they saw the blood and mangled remains of their kin covered in cuts, missing feet, legs and arms. Cuts  as large as 5 or more inches deep, still pouring blood into the death filled container. After 4 weeks adrift, with nothing to eat but the mutilated corpses and nothing to drink but the blood of those who had fallen. The prisoners were finally released from there hell and were rescued by the mighty mining vessel known as Primearis XIV, a deep space mining ship. After finally reaching the nearest docking station, the survivors stumbled into the shady port on the mostly  deserted world of karrashuck. Determined to start anew, with nothing but the simple mining clothes they had been given, the survivors were determined to rebuild.

For the first few weeks the group of survivors struggled to survive living of food scraps and begging for a few meagre credits. The survivors however soon separated once more as a dozen  of them were offered work in an off world hydroponic farm and soon abandon their fellow survivors. It was soon apparent that these few remainders would need to go off world and for that they would need a ship.

For the next 15 years the people of Dorrack IV worked wherever they could scraping together there few credits they could to get by. Slowly but surely however, the credits grew until finally they could afford what they had been saving their credits for, an old Zeus hull and small fission engine system, although not capable of true interstellar travel due to the lack of a jump drive and only capable of transporting a small three man crew. The ship was large enough to begin the  shipping of small goods between Luax mining station and Karrashuck surface. As there income began to rise the rest of the Dorrackians were able to buy small ships similar to that of the Zeus. And so the Dorrack shipping corp was born. Over the next ten years, growing to service almost the entirety of the Gorran sector. However, the small group began to grow, and with this growth pirate attacks began. Losses began and the 7 remaining survivors finally had enough so with only 120 credits left between them, the Dorrackians fled into deeper space. At last safe outside the reach of the pirates and with minimal tools the dorrackians started over, first making small arms to sell with the few traders who dared to travel so deep into uncharted space. Then turning their attention to the asteroids on which they had built their homes and they founded Alexis mining corp in the year 2565 this time, shipping REEs and any other important ship building materials to karrashuck for processing. By the mid 2580s Alexis mining corp was responsible for 26% of all mining ventures in the Gorran sector and 6% total in the outer rim. To prevent the past mistakes alexis founded M.P.A. The Mining Protection Agency and began to train pilots and marines for the defence of the shipping and mining vessels as they made their way towards various ports and asteroid belts. By 2601, M.P.A was reformed to A.M.P.S  or Autonomous Military Protection Service By 2617 A.M.P had been officially unincorporated with A.M.P.S.  Due to increased pressure from Vanduul clans, near systems they required long term contracts for such as those in the vega system . A.M.P.S Continued its work for Alexis mining corp in the form of mercenary  contracts. Finally in 2639  A.M.P.S was refounded again Into P.R.I.M.E (private recon interstellar military escort services) . P.R.I.M.E also relocated to the Ferron  system half way across the galaxy, following a tedious battle with the Xi’an empire and the loss of dozens of pilots and hired mercenaries. P.R.I.M.E has been involved since 2639 in over 658 combat operations with all manner of races and peoples .This lead to the O.T.P (operations  training program ) reforms for the next 43 years.As a result of this  P.R.I.M.E begun training its own recruits with the combination of traditional simulators and training programs and intense 72 hour real operation programs to ensure the most effective combat operations  teams.Operations since the mid 2700s have begun to specialize in the rescue of CEO’s and other VIPS, escort operations, bounty hunting of high importance targets and the hunting of those involved in piracy. Much more recently in 2861 P.R.I.M.E and the Alexis mining corporation were re-merged  into P.R.I.M.E Corporation  and have since shrunk down  operations due to lack of available work in the Ferron system and the coming refounding in 2945.

Time LineEdit

2554: Tevarin fleet decimates Dorrack IV, captures any remaining survivors and jettisons them into space.

2565: Alexis mining corp is founded.

Mid 2580s: Alexis mining corp is responsible for 26% of all mining ventures in the Gorran sector and 6% in the outer rim.

Mid 2580s: M.P.A (Mining Protection Agency) is founded by Alexis mining corp.

2601: M.P.A is reformed into A.M.P.S (Autonomous Military Protection Service)

2617: A.M.P.S officially unincorporated with Alexis mining corporation

2639: A.M.P.S is re-founded into P.R.I.M.E (Private Recon Interstellar Military Escort Service)

2639: P.R.I.M.E relocated to the Ferron system.

2639: At this point P.R.I.M.E has been involved in over 658 combat operations.

Mid 2700s: P.R.I.M.E begins to specialize in the rescue of CEO and other VIPS, escort operations, bounty hunting of high importance targets and the hunting of those involved in piracy.

2861: P.R.I.M.E and the Alexis mining corp re-merged into one, forming P.R.I.M.E corp.

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