Orion III consists of bleak, windswept plains pockmarked with the after-affects of Vanduul antimatter bombardment
weaponry: blast craters and radioactive zones. Ironically, the ferocity of their attacks completely eliminated the new-gnu herds they once hunted on the planet … which, in turn, reduced the frequency of subsequent Vanduul visits to the system. A few abandoned farm modules still stand and the skeletons of several human cities still exist in the form of wreckage overtaken by natural vegetation. Occasional Vanduul settlement sites can also be found, although there is little of interest beyond the curiosity implicit in standing where one of mankind’s deadliest enemies once cooked dinner.

Why visit Orion? The simplest answer is that there is absolutely no practical reason to visit the Orion system or land on Armitage itself. The planet is home to a small settlement of humans. Living underground, they are the descendants of colonists who refused to leave when the UEE vacated. A hardy people, they are extremely insular and self-sufficient; they have little regard for the Empire and almost no interest in trading. It is possible to sell basic substance items, but without a great deal of markup. Luxury goods are worthless here and nothing is available for sale. Deposits of gold and platinum can still be located in the asteroid belt, but prospecting them is time consuming and transporting goods so far from the core worlds is a daunting logistical task.

Vanduul hordes do make transit on occasion to pick up food from Armitage and ore from the asteroids, and a pilot foolhardy enough to want to test his mettle against them could reasonably do so here. As the ecosphere on Armitages dies, Vanduul forays are becoming increasingly uncommon. The best tip for those seeking to engage the Vanduul here is that you should attack when they arrive in the system rather than as they are leaving; Vanduul only visit feeder worlds when they are low on supplies and are of reduced combat efficiency. But even a starving Vanduul is the greatest challenge a fighter pilot can face, and remember that the UEE will not pay bounties for kills scored in a red restricted system such as Orion.

Often forgotten is the fact that Orion is also the abandoned doorstep to the galaxy beyond known space. Astrophysicists predict that there are at least two unexplored jump points in the system and they believe that these in turn snake core-ward to regions now abandoned as human expansion has waned. As it is impossible to qualify the unknown, there is no way to promise that lucrative jump points or interesting galactic features lie beyond Orion … but if they’re anywhere, it is certainly one of the best places to start. With the proviso, that is, that a jump point on the far side of the Orion System is just as likely to lead you to more Vanduul forces as it is to unearth untold treasures. 

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The Bay – An abandoned repair shop. Solar cells still have power so travelling pilots can plug in their repair bots. Jing0, an old, beaten up assist-droid, still wanders the ruins and helps pilots as if the place wasn’t a bombed-out hellhole.

          Offers: Ship Repairs, Refueling, Ship modification (limited)

Lost Horizon – A sill/drinking hole run by Joy, a Miss Havisham-type woman, with her two sons, Barko and Trent, as her muscle. There are devices to seal the place up if a Vanduul ship hits the system. Aside from booze, they trade in criminal info but you only get access to that if you’re a regular.

          Offers: Bar/Local Meeting Place, Criminal Infoagent

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