Order Symbol 1

The Standing Logo of the Order

The Order of the Apparition is a Guild that uses covert means in order to keep a balance in the Galaxy, as well as to further their own means. It is led by a Small-Council of three people, referred to as Minds. Each Mind controls one of the three aspects of the guild.

Ranking SystemEdit

The Order is divided into three parts, all with different goals and equal standings. The three divisions are:

  • The Head: The Collective Leadership, Espionage and Diplomacy is part of this division. They are led by a member of the Mind, known as The Seeing Mind
  • The Arms: The Collective organisation of all aspects of the guild that require deadly force. This includes Escorts, Assasssinations and Military Strikes. They are led by a member of the Mind, known as The Fighting Mind
  • The Legs: The Mining, Exploration and Trading Aspect of the Guild. They are responsible for procuring resources as well as finding new areas to which the Guild can expand. They are led by a member of the Mind, known as the Working Mind.

Each Division has its own Rankings, to maintain order:

The Head:

  • Led by The Seeing Mind
  • The Eyes, which is a loose association. It is led directly by The Seeing Mind, and is responsible for Espionage and Covert Actions, such as assassination.
  • The Mouth, which is a single member who is responsible for Delegation and Diplomacy.

The Arms:

  • Led by The Fighting Mind
  • The Two Shoulders, who commision assassinations and military strikes. These two members normally escort the Guild's Flagship and are in charge of the Hands
  • The Hands, who command the Fingers. They are responsible for high-risk escorts and overseeing of fingers. Also responsible for non-covert assassinations.
  • The Fingers, who are the infantry of the Guild, are responsible for guarding asset operations, such as mining and low-risk trading. They are also used extensively in military strikes.

The Legs:

  • Led by the Working Mind
  • The Knees, a two member affiliation that oversees the work of the legs, and ensures maximum productivity. Also handles small-scale disputes. They might sometimes personally transport goods of high value
  • The Feet are the dual Trading-Exploration unit of the guild. The most accomplished miners are part of this clique. They transport mined and refined goods from the toes to produce assets.
  • The Toes, who are the miners and resource explorers (asteroid scanning) of the guild. 

Affiliation with ReddfactionEdit

Though the guild is heavily affiliated with Reddfaction, it is by no means a subservient relationship. The Order of the Apparition has it's own resource generating facilities, so does not depend on Reddfaction. The Order will, however, react to any bounty placed by Reddfaction with speed, and will also assist Reddfaction in any scope seen fit by The Mind. 



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