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COMPANY NAME: Nexus Corporation (or NexCorp for short)

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Nexus Corporation is a profit-orientated organisation that works within UEE space and also trades with alien elements, within the trade laws set down by the UEE.

HOW WE OPERATE: NexCorp is a rapidly expanding multi-functional corporation who specialize in goods transfer but have branched out into other areas of commerce and private security. Run by a “C-Suite” of Operations Officers who delegate the companies needs to Heads of Departments, the Corporation started small and is quickly becoming a large, multi-faceted operation.

NexCorp pride ourselves on running a balance between a premium and affordable service, and employ a wide variety of corporate employees and freelance workers. So long as the tenants of the organisation are upheld and the reputation of Nexus Corporation maintained, the company ensures a steady wage for anyone looking to invest in a future.
(Please note that Nexus Corporation works strictly under UEE law and is beholden to all the restrictions and benefits that entails. For a more detailed description of what we will and won’t do as part of our business model, please see the Manifesto.)


ESTABLISHED: March 14, 2940

HEAD OFFICE: City of Jata, planet of Cestulus, the Davien System

Founded in 2940, Nexus Corporation started its life as a simple transport company which prided itself in efficient, affordable and discreet movement of goods throughout UEE space. In the four years since its inception the company has grown in reputation and size due to its successful track record and premium service which is cited as being ‘dependable in any given situation’.

Though its main statement of purpose on paper puts Nexus Corporation down as a transport company, C.E.O. Mr J. Vincent has been open and even vocal about the company’s expansion into further areas such as mining and salvage, data protection, private security and healthcare, and even exploration.
Originally based out of a small office in the city of Prime on Terra, Nexus Corporation moved its central office almost immediately after opening stating that the ‘overheads for working out of Prime far outstretched the needs of the business’ and have since set up their corporate headquarters in the City of Jata, on the planet of Cestulus in the Davien System.

Now in 2944 Nexus Corporation stands as a testament to the small business that flourished in a time of opportunity; a company which is fast becoming a major player on the galactic business scene. Outside of the boardroom the company has a vested interest in its employees and, no matter how large it grows, the upper levels of management – Mr Vincent especially – makes it their business to keep the balance between the needs of the business and that of their employees.
In the four years since its founding, not a single employee has left the company since signing up with Nexus Corporation, and they possess a business portfolio that most mega-corporations would be envious of.

Though not a financial powerhouse, Nexus Corporation seem a constant in an otherwise turbulent galaxy and have their sights firmly placed on the long game.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Jack Vincent

The Chief Executive Officer oversees the entire of Nexus Corporation; they are in charge of ensuring that the people within the company do their jobs to the best of their abilities, maintain the public image of the company, and keep everyone safe. Normally reporting to a board of directors, the CEO in the case of Nexus Corp actually is part of the board of directors, along with three other individuals.

Jack “Lunarwolf” Vincent began his career as a dedicated cargo hauler for Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC). It wasn’t until he handed in his resignation after a haul went wrong in the Nexus system that he started showing up more prominently in UEE records. A month after his Freelancer-class ship “A Western Star” was damaged and he was reported seen at Magnus II in the Magnus system, Vincent went off the grid for almost a year, then suddenly reappeared on Earth, carrying what he claimed to be an artifact of Tevarin origin. When it was clarified that it was indeed genuine, Vincent was paid a princely sum for its acquisition by the New York Cultural Museum.
The credits he earned from this trade was put into the funding of Nexus Corporation (named after the System where his life took an unexpected turn), and he set up briefly on Terra before moving operations to Cestulus in the Davien System following advisement from a close friend and financial mogul.

Chief Operations Officer (COO): Stevek Kazakov

A chief operating officer (COO), also called director of operations or, more colloquially, co-chairman, is the position of a high-ranking executive in the corporation and its “C-Suite”.
The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company, and routinely reports to the highest ranking executive, usually the chief executive officer (CEO).

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Gregory Caryington

The chief financial officer (CFO) is a corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation. This officer is also responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to higher management. I The CFO typically reports to the chief executive officer and to the board of directors, and may additionally sit on the board. The CFO supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization.
The CFO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and directly assists the Chief Operating Officer (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Chief Security Officer (CSO): Dirk Monte

A Chief Security Officer (CSO) is a corporation’s top executive who is responsible for security of personnel, physical assets and information in both physical and digital form, though in the case of the latter they work closely with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) whose area of expertise involves the purely non-physical such as background checks, digital espionage etc.

The CSO generally serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation and management of the organization’s corporate security vision, strategy and programs. They direct staff in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security processes across the organization to reduce risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure to liability in all areas of financial, physical, and personal risk.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): A chief technology officer (CTO), sometimes known as a chief technical officer, is an executive-level position within the company whose occupant is focused on scientific and technological issues within Nexus Corporation. Additionally, the CTO is directly responsible for the continued safe-running, maintaining and establishing of the fleet of ships within the Corporation. They work closely with the CSO to ensure all items used in the field from sidearms to personal armour to starships are in good working order.

Chief Information Officer (CIO):

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for information protection and acquisition in all its forms within Nexus Corporation. They establish appropriate standards and risk controls associated with intellectual property; and direct the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures related to data security. All background checks on employees are done in liaison with the CSO, and it is the job of the CIO to search out viable information before sensitive missions to ensure success. Though it is the realm of the CSO to keep people within the company physically safe, the CIO is in charge of keeping hackers and espionage agents at bay who would see the corporation destroyed in a more subversive or subtle manner.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Fitzwilliam Mulholland

The chief medical officer (CMO) is a unusual in that he or she holds a less business-based function within the corporation yet is no less influential and in some ways more so. Responsible for the physical and mental health of the members of the corporation, the CMO is more than just a mender of bones, they represent a confidante and counselor of sorts. Working closely with both the CIO and CSO, they are in a prime position to comment on the capabilities of all employees within the corporation and nobody from the newest recruit to the CEO are free from their scrutiny. It is the CMO who can insist another member of the corporation steps down on medical grounds and as such is a trusted and valued member of the board. Of course, who checks the CMO that is hired is always a touchy matter.

Born into a wealthy family, Fitz was a spoilt child that often manipulated his family’s good name to overcome any difficulties he may have encountered. At the age of twenty he managed to buy his way into medical school to follow in his father footsteps, as a well-respected practitioner of medicine. Although a bright and clearly skilled surgeon, Fitz’s “extra-curricular” activities involving substance abuse often saw the young man in trouble; a problem that would one day effect his very career and see him penniless, disowned, and struck off from actively pursuing a career in medicine due to an unfortunate charge of malpractice.

Later in his thirties, on the planet of Cestulus, he would have an off-chance encounter with the CEO of the Nexus Corporation, Jack Vincent. A kind man that would eventually not only offer him employment but the opportunity to legally practice again under regulated supervision. Although still not entirely free of his demons, Fitz (or ‘Fixer’ as he’s become known for various reasons) has now become a necessity in the day to day healthcare of the NexCorp family.

Head of Transport Operations (HTO):

The Head of Transport Operations (HTO) is in charge of ensuring the Corp has a steady flow of transport jobs coming through its doors – the mainstay and backbone of the Corporation. Seeing as Nexus Corporation was mainly founded on transport work, it is no surprise that this coveted position is the oldest running of the Head of Operation jobs. Working very closely with the COO, the Head of Transport Operations works to ensure all trade routes are clear, clients are getting what they want where and when they want them and even to negotiate with non-UEE clients on a day-to-day basis.

Head of Exploration Operations (HEO):

Much of the galaxy remains unknown and the job of exploration is always a profitable – if not sometimes dangerous – one. The Head of Exploration Operations works to organize all the explorers within the Corporation and keep track of their routes across the stars as they discover new systems and jump-points, new species and new avenues for trade. Working closely with the COO, the Head of Exploration Operations typically works far from the home-base on Cestulus, often away for months or years at a time.

Head of Mining Operations (HMO):

Along with Salvaging, Mining is one of the newest areas that Nexus Corporation has branched out into, and the company has invested large sums of credits to get the operation off the ground (so to speak). The Head of Mining Operations (or HMO) manages the various mining operations and teams under the employ of the Corporation. Working closely with the HTO and the CSO, they ensure than the large-scale mining ops go off without a hitch, bringing back the valuable raw materials that the transporters can convert directly into credits.

Head of Salvage Operations (HSO):

Much like Mining, the act of Salvage is quite new to Nexus Corporation. Seeing an avenue to explore that would compliment their already existing operations, the Board of Directors set about setting up a salvaging division within the Corporation and appointed a Head of Salvage Operations (HSO) to oversee it. Often dangerous but well-paid work, Salvaging requires skilled troubleshooters who are able to work under pressure, and with the HSO this has to be doubly so. Working closely with the CSO who ensures the salvage crews are protected while they scour for valuable cargo, the HSO is in charge of the various salvage operations throughout the Corporation.

Head of Human Resources (HHR):

The Head of Human Resources (HHR) is the public face of Nexus Corporation. Perhaps even more so than the CEO they are in the public eye and are on virtually every Spectrum or UNN broadcast, representing the Corporation as a whole. More than that, however, the HHR has the difficult task of vetting each and every employee (which they work closely with the CSO and CIO while doing so) to ensure their suitability, and to deal with complaints and grievances within the Corporation. It is mostly due to the HHR that Nexus Corporation has such a low turnover and high level of morale, as they are well known for putting the needs of the employees directly in line with the needs of the Corporation.
NOTE: The role of HHR also doubles with out-of-game/forum recruitment for Nexus Corporation.


  • Nexus Organization is part of a multi-platform (but mainly PC) gaming group known as Nexus-12. Most of the members are from the UK with a few exceptions, although we welcome members of all nationalities to join our ranks.
  • In Star Citizen Nexus Corporation is an optional RP organization. This mean we will have Light, Medium, Heavy and non-RP'ers in our organization. We do have a strict naming policy though.
  • Our organization website can be found at We aren't currently recruiting although potential members are welcome to join the site whilst we are setting up. We also have a dedicated Star Citizen Facebook page that people can request to join.
  • We have a dedicated Discord server which we use regularly whilst gaming together.
  • The organization has appeared under many different monikers in many other games in the past such as Agents of the E.P.O.C.H (SWTOR), The House of Nexi (Romulan Fleet for STO), The Neranians (LOTRO), The Outlaws of Eastmarch (TESO), Midnight Resistance (DCUO), Dust Devils (Defiance) and most recently, The Nightshades of Black Rock (Conan Exiles).

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