Mustang Omega
ManufacturerConsolidated Outland
Maximum Crew1[1]
Standalone Price$55[2]
Mass (empty)13,000 Kg[1]
Cargo Capacity0 freight units[1]
Max Power Plant Size [?]Size 3[1]
Factory Power PlantA&R LR-6 (Size 2)[1]
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
Factory EngineConsolidated Outland Magma Jet (TR2)[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR1[1]
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersHydra M1-16 (TR1)[1]
Max Shield [?]Size 2[1]
ShieldSeal INK-1 (Size 1, Bubble)[1]
Cooling System [?]Consolidated Outland Icebox P[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1
Size 1[3], sides
Behring M3A (Size 1)[1]
Additional EquipmentAdditional fuel intake[1]

Official DescriptionEdit

If the soul of every Mustang is performance, then what better partner to bring that vision to life than Accelerated Mass Design? Known for their custom tuning, AMD has time and again proven themselves able to bring out the best in any craft they get their hands on. You can imagine how eager we were to hand over a Mustang and see them make the best even better. The result? Consolidated Outland’s Special Edition Mustang Omega. Tuned to perform in ways never expected, the Omega has the Mustang’s nimble reflexes at every turn, but with a little something extra. Whether you’re accelerating off the line, or zooming along winding tracks, the Omega’s additional fuel intake allows for extra boost when you need it most. Wrap it all up in a custom paint job by AMD’s own resident artist Sektor8 and you have a ship that everyone wants, but that only a few lucky people will own.[1]

Consolidated Outland teamed up with custom tuning company Accelerated Mass Design to create a limited edition racer that features a ramped up fuel intake for faster recycling of the ship’s already impressive boost system. To cap off the collaboration, AMD enlisted resident underground artist Sektor8 to design the dynamic paint job. [4]



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