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We haven't figured out the full mechanics yet but I'm keen to have mining need a combination of exploration (scanning), skill (laser cutting) and logistics (hauling). I would like it to be fun, require people to work together in cooperation and not just be a time sink to earn money.

–Chris Roberts[1]

Ship based mining will require that you are online and active. We are still exploring whether there will be other ways to mine that will allow for any collection of materials while a player is offline (letting players own a mine economy node for example which is TBD). If we do we'll make sure that this is taken into account when we balance out the economy.

–Pete Mackey[2]

We're definitely pushing for [mining] to be more interactive. I hate using the term "mini-game" because then it tends to sound gimmicky, but we're exploring ways to make the process of mining feel more player skill intensive...that way some players can specialize at it and become professional miners, while other players may not want to take the time to learn the skill (and be good at it). And when I say "skill" I'm referring to the player's physical ability to do something, not a character attribute in a menu.

–Nate Blaisdell[3]

Our current intention for asteroid mining is that [...] they can be depleted (and will probably be restocked at some interval so that the universe as a whole never runs out). At this point I can't say whether or not we will have planetary resource depletion, outside of events driven by the underlying events system.

–Pete Mackey[4]

So, mining asteroids definitely will involve digging holes and drilling holes and going down inside. So, what we're thinking about is finding big asteroids, [where] you've got to burrow in, to get a sort of seam of like the valuable ore or minerals, and then you'll send in- either you'll go in with a sort of E.V.A. drone, or [...] like your sort of mining pod that you can take in, and then you'll knock out the ore, it will tumble out, and you will have to collect it and take it to back your ship. So, you've got to watch where you're drilling in the hole. We're doing actual [research and development] on voxel tech to allow us to sort of basically procedurally build these asteroids that [...] you will tunnel in to. So there'll be a whole sort of skill element in gameplay, and then you'll have to pick where you're going to drill, and some asteroids could become unstable, and could collapse on you, so it would be pretty cool. So that's the whole [sic], sort of been headed up by Austin, and the Persistent Universe team, and Tony Zurovec. We've been going back and forth on design, but I think it's going to be really cool piece of gameplay where there will be roles for people just mining, people for organizing taking the ore to planets, and we should be cool.

–Chris Roberts on December 26, 2014[5]

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