Min is unique among human systems in that its main focus is not a star, but instead, a rogue gas giant with four orbiting moons. It is possible that it was ejected from an already existing star system through an unknown event, or that it formed on its own in similar fashion to a star, gathering mass from a cloud of dust and small asteroids. The system lacks resources or much of interest. Still, life has found a way to inhabit this system. Bio-luminescent bacteria exist on Min 1b and a small group of settlers have even established an encampment there.

Min I Edit

Min I is a gas giant dominated by ammonia clouds. Unattached to any known star it is drifting through space and pulling four orbiting moons along with it.

Min 1a Edit

An uninhabited, rocky moon that has been depleted of minerals.

Min 1b Edit

Min 1b is the largest of the four moons orbiting the rogue gas giant. It has a thin atmosphere and is surprisingly warm because of the thermal heating produced by its eccentric orbit around the gas giant. The moon even has bio-luminescent bacteria living near hydrothermal vents at the bottoms of its vast oceans. Over the years, a small encampment of settlers has set up residence here.

Min 1c Edit

The smallest moon in orbit of Min I. It lacks both an atmosphere and resources.

Min 1d Edit

A rocky moon whose landscape is dotted with impact craters.

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