In the Messer Speech, Ivar Messer announced his candidacy for Prime Citizen. Messer was elected as Prime Citizen in 2546.

People. Citizens. I come to you today as a believer. I believe that we have a great and vibrant history. I believe that there are so many more wonderful things to discover. I believe in humanity.

But there are enemies that want to cut us down. That resent our ascension. That want us to fall back from the stars. The vicious attacks on our systems are just the beginning. As a soldier who has stared into the horror of war, I don’t say this lightly. We have to protect ourselves. Protect our families. Protect our future. Protect our ability to claim what is rightfully ours.

I don’t want another war. Too many sons and daughters, husbands and wives, have already been lost in the deep vacuum and barren planets. But I will say this, I would ring every system and every jump-point with shields and wire a thousand kilometers thick if it meant we wouldn’t have to lose any more.

I have always been a soldier of humanity. Give me this chance to keep you safe, to keep the threats and violence of species not as civilized as us far away, so we can take our rightful place in the galaxy.

Believe in me like I believe in you. Believe in Humanity!

–Ivar Messer's speech[1]


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