2541 Edit

In the leedward systems, humanity discovers a war-like race called the Tevarin (about 150-200 years behind Earth technologically) who have control over several systems. Each Tevarin planet is its own entity with very little interaction with each other, similar to warring tribes. UPE decides to annex them to prevent them from attacking us and to ‘civilize’ them in the process. Colonel Ivar Messer, a brilliant and ruthless strategist, distinguishes himself in the Battle of Idris IV. He quickly becomes the pride of the military and the face of the War.[source?]

2546 Edit

Messer, now promoted to commander, brings the captured Tevarin leader to the UPE floor. He rides the popularity of his victory to become High-General. Claiming the Tribunal is an outdated system and cultivating a fear of the Xi’An, Messer proposes the creation of a new single office with the title of Prime Citizen. Upon election as the first (and last) Prime Citizen, it isn’t long before he restructures the government into the new United Empire of Earth (UEE) and anoints himself Imperator, ushering on in an age of unprecedented expansion and colonization.[source?]

2603-2610 Edit

The Second Tevarin War. Repopulated after hiding on the Fringe, the Tevarin have spent the last fifty years building their forces for the sole purpose of retaking their homeworld Kaleeth(renamed/resettled by the UEE as Elysium IV. While theirs is a cause that some humans could support, the UEE isn’t about to give up territory. Realizing that they can’t win, the Tevarin decide to make a final desperate push to scuttle their ships on Elysium IV. If they can’t live there, they will die there. Sadly none survive.[20][source?]

2638 Edit

Senator Assan Kieren of Terra publicly decries the pro-military agenda of the UEE and its unconditional support of the military-industrial complex. He calls for another vote of sovereignty for Terra and its adjacent systems. Imperator Messer XI wields the UEE’s brutally efficient propaganda machine to discredit and destroy Kieren, who disappears soon after. There are rumors that he is murdered, but nothing can be proven.[source?]

End of the Messer EraEdit

The end of the Messer era is tightly knit with the Massacre of Garron II. On April 12, 2792, SSN/CAtv’s usual Nightly News were interrupted by unknown forces to air a report about the Massacre of Garron II, rallying the public to see the true cruel nature of the current terraforming practices and the insatiable greed of the Messers[1].

Citizens in all systems gathered for demonstrations. The police forces were trying to disperse these unauthorized gatherings, but had to call for military reinforcements.[1]. The resistance grew stronger. On April 14th, admiral Tal Kale from the UEE high command ordered to lock the jump points to block all traffic between systems. Upon realizing that the protesters are using military communications to carry encrypted messages, things started to escalate even more. Ultimately, on April 29th, the military and police forces opened fire against the peaceful demonstrators on Vale[1].

Four days later, May 3 2792 the New United newspaper an article welcomes the new Imperator Erin Toi, acknowledges the bravery of senator Akari and other anti-Messer activists, and restores the Tribunal positions of old: High-General, High-Secretary, and High Advocate which are able to disempower the Imperator[1].


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