Street name for a tranquilizer and knock-out hallucinogen, believed to be Xi’An in origin. Looks like flakes of bark. It’s lethal in heavy concentrations (many who try injecting it die immediately); it’s meant to be ingested. The digestion process distills it to where it just messes you up. Dosing up is like taking a massive journey into your own mind. To the outside world, you’re nearly comatose, but to you, it’s a wild trip. A handful of religions have been started after a user took a dip in the maze. Aside from the toxic element, there’s a chance you won’t come down from the high. They call this ‘getting disconnected.’ Users stay locked in their own head until their brain decays.

"Drift" is the street name for what is believed to be either a synthetic version of Maze or a refined version of it. Unlike Maze, Drift can be injected without immediate overdose though there is still high risk of death if the dose is not monitored carefully.

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