At the moment, we don't know much about the manufacturing system of Star Citizen.

So, all infos here are Work In Process.


Economy image 2
From the article The Star Citizen Economy we know, that there will be Production Chains with different factories involved.

And we know the Production Chain of Laser Cannons.

Types of MaterialsEdit

As we can see in the diagram, there are different types of materials:

  • T1 Resource
    • Ore
    • Hydrocarbons
  • Refined Resource
    • Metals
    • Minerals
  • T1 Manufactured Good
    • Polymers
    • Magnetics
    • Optics
    • Circuits
  • T2 Manufactured Good
    • Processors
  • T3 Manufactured Good
    • Laser Cores
    • Industrial Electronics
  • Product
    • Laser Cannon


First, Ore and Hydrocarbons are T1 Resources, so there will be more types of Resources, not just a Type 1. In all probabillity the type says something about how difficult it is to find and/or to extract.

Second, there is no differentation in different types of Refined Resources. Together with other remarks of the Dev Team, this will be the most common form to trade base materials. Less volume, less weight.

Third, Hydrocarbons don't need to be refined, they can be used directly to produce Polymers.

Fourth, we can see, that a maximum of three starting materials is needed for a production. And in case of the Laser Cannon there are a total of ten steps to take to get a Laser Cannon from just Hydrocarbons and Ore. It is not very likely to find all needed factories at one place, so there need to be transports between production sites.

Example from Economy VideoEdit

In the video Chris Roberts shows another example:

In a weapons factory are needed

  • 3 tons of Metal Alloy
  • 1 ton of High Explosives
  • 1 ton of Electronis

to build 20 Missiles.



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