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Massive enclosed ship transport
Ship image placeholder
ManufacturerMusashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
FocusShip Transport
Cargo Capacityat least 125 t

The majority of MISC Starfarers constructed on Saisei are shipped off-world on massive enclosed ship transports.

The central MISC factory is located in the city’s outer environs, a carefully crafted automated setup that has been duplicated on many other worlds. The majority of MISC Starfarers are currently constructed in this facility and then shipped off-world on massive enclosed ship transports.

–Galactic Guide: Centauri[1]

Cargo CapacityEdit

While the name or details of the 'massive' ship is not mentioned, we know it can hold a minimum of 1 Starfarer in its cargo hold. Therefore, the cargo should be at least 125 tons.


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