Marshall Leon was the 13th Imperator and former Secretary of the United Empire of Earth. He established the Ark at the dawn of the 29th century as an attempt at cooperation between the Xi'An, Banu and UEE after hundreds of years of hostilities.Error: ID 154000 Unknown. Please add ID to the RSIID Template.

In 2793, Imperator Toi met with a young, ambitious Senator named Marshall Leon and asked him to help repair Humanity’s interspecies relationships by accepting the position of Diplomatic Secretary. Imperator Toi believed a first-term Senator who never had to navigate Messer-infected political waters would be seen as an envoy of Humanity’s future, not its past.

Knowing the enormity and complexity of the task at hand, Secretary Leon immediately scheduled meetings with Xi’An and Banu diplomats. He acknowledged that the repair of relationships would take time, delicacy and — most importantly — trust, but also knew that his words and promises, or even those of the Imperator, would not be enough to mend the damage done. Only a bold act of diplomacy and peace could convince the entire universe that Humanity had truly changed its ways.

It was with that grand goal in mind that Secretary Leon conceived of the Ark.[1]

In the year 2800, the newly elected Imperator Marshall Leon invited representatives from the Xi’An Empire, the Banu Protectorate, as well as a delegation of Tevarin to attend a gala celebration on an orbital platform.[2]

As the new government continued to distance itself from the previous regime, Imperator Marshall Leon proposed that, after centuries of distrust and war, a beacon of peace was needed to unite the species of the universe together. His idea grew into what would become known as the Ark, a repository for universal knowledge and a safe place for diplomatic discussions between species.[3]

“Let this Ark stands as a testament and proud record of the lives that we and those before us have all lived.” – Imperator Marshall Leon, Ark Dedicatory Celebration Gala, 2800[4]


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