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Star Citizen logo
Developer & Publisher Cloud Imperium Games
Director Chris Roberts
Release dates

 - Retail (Persistent Universe) - Estimated 2017-2018
 - Squadron 42 - (Ep.1) Estimated 2017
 - Arena Commander 2.6 (module alpha) - available now
 - Star Marine (module alpha) Alpha 2.6 - available now
 - Alpha 3.0 (entire Stanton system) - Est Q1 2017 - Q2 2017
 - Planet Side (module alpha) - available now
 - Baby Persistent Universe (module alpha) - available now

Release Features

 - Epic Space Adventure
 - Trading (alpha 3.0) and dogfighting in first person
 - First-person combat
 - Rich Persistent Universe
 - Single Player (Offline/Online)
 - Mod-able multiplayer (private servers)

SP Campaigns

 - Squadron 42
 - Behind Enemy Lines

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