Locker from Another Universe

The Locker from Another Universe is a piece of subscriber flair which was released on September 12th, 2014.[1] Every item in it is an in game lore item or an easter egg referencing another of Chris Robert's games or Star Citizen itself.

Easter Eggs Edit

Left Locker Edit

The left locker predominantly contains Wing Commander easter eggs.

  • "Qing, please fix this" Mirror:
  • "Roberts, Chris, CEO" dogtag: Chris Roberts is the CEO of CIG, the creators of Star Citizen.
  • "Beaulieu, Mathieu, BHVR" dogtag: A producer at Behavior Interactive, a company doing contract work for CIG. They were responsible for creating the locker.[2]
  • Bikini poster:
  • "To do: Step 1: locker [x], Step 2: planet [ ], Step 3: full galaxy [ ]" sticky note: A joke about the huge quantity of content necessary for Star Citizen's development and the comparatively tiny part of it the locker represents.
  • RSI logo: The logo of the ship manufacturer Roberts Space Industries.
  • Bluehair helmet: The player character of Wing Commander I & II appeared to have blue hair due to shading, earning him the nickname "Bluehair" among fans.
  • Arena Commander manual: A copy of the Arena Commander manual in book form.
  • Takuetsu 890 Jump model: A teaser for the 890 Jump concept sale which occurred a month after the release of the locker.
  • Retro computer and monitor displaying a King-Kong game Chris Roberts created when he was 13[3].

Middle Locker Edit

The middle locker predominantly contains Star Citizen lore items.

  • "Beautiful Corner" sticky note: Likely a joke about the modeling and texturing process of items in which artists can obsess over tiny details which the players will never notice, like a corner.
  • Murray Cup post card: An early image of the Murray Cup race course.
  • "Password: 231110-050413" sticky note: November 23rd, 2010 and April 5th, 2013, the birth dates of Chris Robert's children.
  • SBPL tickets: Tickets for the Sataball Pro League (SBPL) game between the Jumpers and the Olympionics at the Quinton Memorial Dome on July 3rd. Sataball is a playable sport, though at the time the locker was made it was a much more complex planetside sport with Australian football-like rules.
  • Drake Interplanetary logo: The logo of the ship manufacturer Drake Interplanetary.
  • "mobiGlas shots tally IAN: 8, Etienne: 6, Guillaine: 2, Christine: 2" sticky note:
  • Smoltz lager: A cheap, pilsner style in game beer.[4]
  • Shot glass:
  • Box:
  • Radegast 74: A deluxe in game single malt from Mars.[4]
  • SBPL poster: A poster with the SBPL logo.
  • Toilet paper: A reference to jokes which had been made about the Constellation's bathroom and its function.
  • Psychological Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Multiple Gravitational Zones on Human Musculature: For Idiots! book:
  • StellarSonic Operating Manual book: An operating manual for the StellarSonic jukebox, an earlier piece of subscriber flair.
  • Krai Engine Made Easy book: reference to Star Citizen's game engine, CryEngine.
  • Slaying Space Dragons (Written by K.K.) book:
  • 1001 Hazy Thoughts book: A reference to the "hazy thoughts" segment of Wingman's Hangar. Wherein Mark Skelton, while smoking a hooka, would use wordplay to make a bizarre statement or question.

Right Locker Edit

The right locker predominantly contains Star Citizen development references.

  • Kloud-CT fever syrup: A reference to the backer Disco Lando who made comedic videos about Star Citizen in the character of Lando Calrissian from Star Wars. Disco Lando has been hired by Cloud Imperium Games as a staff member.
  • Golden shirt: A reference to the infamous golden shirt worn my Mark Skelton while judging the 2013-2014 The Next Great Starship competition.
  • Everything I Know About Dogfighting I Learned from my Fishtank book: One of the many fishtank jokes CIG has made, this one may be a reference to the backer who asked about trading fish during a presentation on Arena Commander.
  • Crowdfunding safe: A reference to the crowdfunded nature of Star Citizen.
  • Key marked "Asteroid H.": A key to the Asteroid hangar, the early name for the VFG Industrial hangar. At the time the locker was released, the Asteroid hangar was not yet available.
  • Goss postcard: This post card uses a concept image of Cassel (Goss II).
  • Around the 'Verse magnet: An image of the Around the 'Verse title sequence, created by Disco Lando.
  • Wingman's Hangar magnet: The Wingman's Hangar logo, a weekly show which predated Around the 'Verse.
  • "Yes, but no" sticky note:
  • Aegis Dynamics logo: The logo of the ship manufacturer Aegis Dynamics.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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