There are many different types of ships from several different manufacturers that fulfill various roles in terms of game-play.

Capital Ships Edit

The biggest ships are Capital Ships. These large and powerful ships require a relatively large crew of players and NPCs. Several are persistent, such that they are always in the 'universe', most notably the Bengal Carrier.[1]

The Bengal Carrier and the possible Retribution class of ships currently have the largest weapon of all currently known Capital Ships aptly named, "Ship Buster," which is a 130 mm rail gun cannon. It is said that one hit from this cannon can destroy a Destroyer class capital ship. [2]

Non-Capital Ships Edit

There are multiple types of non-capital ships which range in size from small single person to Corvette class multiple-person ships.

They are designed to fulfill various roles in terms of game-play. Some are designed for general purposes whereas others are specialized.

Roberts Space IndustriesEdit

Origin JumpworksEdit

Aegis DynamicsEdit

Drake InterplanetaryEdit

Anvil AerospaceEdit

Musashi Industrial & Starflight ConcernEdit

Kruger IntergalacticEdit

Consolidated OutlandEdit

Crusader IndustriesEdit







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