Some key / noteable planets

System Planet Type Gvm't Revolution
(in SED[1])
Special Notes
Banshee ? Lorona ? ? ? isolated planet with desolated surface
Cathcart I Spider Trashworld[2] Lawless (Pirate) Not a planet. A junkyard superstructure.
Chronos III Archangel Project Synthworld UEE 360 Planet is still under construction
Davien I Inhabitable UEE Worthless "moon like" grey planet
Davien II Cestulus inhabitable UEE Home to Aegis Dynamics
Pit stop Banu<->UEE
Spaceport facilities.
Davien III inhabitable UEE Smog acid-based atmosphere
Davien IV Ice giant UEE Banu Friendship Museum
Eealus ? Xi'An 430
Ellis IV Seahorse Green-band UEE 200 A+3 colonization rating
Ellis IX Walleye Gas giant UEE 8,922 Refueling world
Elysium IV Inhabitable UEE Former home world of the Tevarin, renamed Jalan
Fora ? Hyperion Green-band UEE 342 Pirate planet
Geddon Tat'Ko Volcanic Banu 299 Harsh environment for humans
Goss I Inhabitable UEE 50
Goss II Cassel inhabitable UEE 244
Goss III inhabitable UEE 309
Hades III UEE 377
Hadrian II UEE/Xi'An 300
Jalan Inhabitable UEE Former home world of the Tevarin, previously named Elysium
Kallis IV survey number DXP-55.7c Green-band UEE 322 Earth-like planet
Kellog II Xis Jungle 390 Developing
Kellog VI QuarterDeck 78,538 PrisonWorld
Kilian ? MacArthur UEE 488
Kilian ? Gimbal UEE 690
Krell IV Prime Krell
Leir II Mya Lawless 275 Home of the Outsiders
Nemo I Ergo Green-band UEE 344 Tropical waterworld
Nemo II ? UEE Resource & Refining world
Nemo III ? UEE "Space Whale" - tourist trap
Oberon IV Gonn Lawless 286 Miner community
Oberon V Uriel Lawless 355
Odin II Osiris II Green-band UEE 487 Weapons laboratory. Too cold for long stays
Odin IV ? Gas giant UEE UEE hydrogen rendering station & Fuel depot
Orion III Armitage Inhabitable Nil 466 destroyed world
Osiris I Etos Green-band Developing 345 hot, nocturnal life
Osiris II ? Gas giant ideal for refueling
Oso II ? UEE Protectorate 290
Pyro V ? Gas giant Lawless mediocre refueling point, poor hydrogen mix
Pyro VI ? uninhabitable Lawless 710 orbital space station
Rhetor II Persei UEE 385 UPARQ campus
Rhetor III Reisse UEE 315
Rhetor IV Mentor UEE 510
Rhetor IV ? Gas giant UEE multicolored, refueling strictly forbidden
Rihlah ? Shorvu Xi'An 615
Rihlah ? Vi Xi'An 831
Sol I Mercury 88
Sol II Venus 225


Earth Green-band UEE 365 UEE capital planet
Sol IV Mars 687
Sol V Jupiter Gas giant 4333
Sol VI Saturn Gas giant 10759
Sol VII Uranus Gas giant 30799
Sol VIII Neptune Gas giant 60190
Stanton I MicroTech SuperEarth UEE 350 Home of MicroTech Corporation
Stanton II Hurston SuperEarth UEE 588 Home of Hurston Dynamics
Stanton III ArcCorp SuperEarth UEE 730 Home of ArcCorp
Stanton IV Crusader SuperEarth UEE 1,554 Shipyards of Crusader Industries
Tal II bright yellow Xi'An 240 ProductionSystem
Tal III purple Xi'An 359 ProductionSystem
Tal IV dark green Xi'An 566 ProductionSystem
Tal V burnt orange Xi'An 673 ProductionSystem
Terra I Aero uninhabitable 95
Terra II Pike uninhabitable UEE Mining world
Terra III Terra SuperEarth UEE Trade Hub
Terra IV Gen Green-band UEE Imperial Administration, military bases
Tiber I Vanduul junk yard planet
Tiber II Tomb Vanduul junk yard planet
Trise Trise Banu 209

Holy ground

Tyrol V Nil 393 Haven: An organized settlement


References and NotesEdit

  1. SED is an abbreviation for Standard Earth Days
  2. RSIIcon News Update: Bounty Hunter Guild News on RSI Website
  3. RSIIcon Cassandra's Tears: Issue #1 on RSI Website

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